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Save Big on Magazine Subscriptions

Whether you are a loyal reader of National Geographic or a dedicated page turner of the glossy reams of a home and garden or fashion and design magazine like RUSSH, we can bet that sitting down with your favorite 'zine once a month or so is a special treat.
But when your budget gets skimpy and the financial goings get tough, don't make your subscription expenditures be the first to get cut from your 'non-essentials'. Instead, take advantage of your loyalty in readership, and the economic flexibility that magazine editors offer to subscribers who they value, and get ahold of a discounted subscription cost if possible. Utilize these even when your short on funds with the help of instant cash loans online.

In this swiftly globalizing and digitizing society where so much has gone paperless in the last decade, magazines are one of the last standing remnants of frequently issued, hard copy reading material. There's no online magazine that can quite compare to the feeling of sitting down with a paper-and-ink volume in your lap, so you know that you want to keep receiving the hard copy of your chosen 'zine – but how can you cut costs when paper subscription rates are rising all the time?

Two-for-One Offers

Many magazines on the market offer special deals to subscribers who buy gift subscriptions for their friends or family, or buy two years of volumes for the price of one. You may be able to lower your yearly subscription cost by simply purchasing two subscriptions of the magazine in question and giving one away as a gift to a like minded friend. Likewise, many subscription services will offer to lower your yearly rate if you simply recommend their magazine to a friend and send them one issue as a trial run. The more friends that you can get to subscribe to your magazine of choice, the better chance you have of getting a discounted or free subscription. Try to get your friends, family or coworkers excited about a magazine focused on issues you all have in common, such as a latest technology volume if you work in computers, or a trends report if you are in the fashion industry.

Loyalty Pays

When it comes to paper magazine subscriptions, loyalty still pays. If you have been a dedicated reader of an established magazine for many years and are considering cutting it out of your budget, try giving the editor of the magazine a call and requesting one year's worth of a complimentary subscription. Essentially, the magazine is likely to give you a free year if you are a long time reader who simply can't afford the cost any longer. Many sales offices will offer you a free or reduced rate in exchange for your loyalty, and as always, asking for what you really want never hurts.

When it comes time to perform your annual renewal of your favorite magazine, check their sales website to see what special deals or promotions they are currently running, rather than just sending in a check for the full amount year after year. Because paper magazines are in the stage of slowly dying out and giving way to virtual copies, many of them are willing to offer discounts and specials to those who are intent on still purchasing them in paper form. Check in with the magazine's representative to see what you can do to lower your regular billing costs, and they are likely to slice even 25% to 50% off your subscription cost right up front, if just for the sake of keeping you as a reader. In the market as it is, don't forget that as the consumer you have the upper hand and shouldn't be paying more for your magazine subscription than you can afford.