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The Colorful Socks of Seeley Booth

Fans of the TV show, “Bones”, are familiar with quick glimpses of Seeley Booth’s wildly colorful socks.

These socks might seem at odds with his somber FBI uniform. However, they serve as a visual symbol of the depth that Booth’s character possesses. At first glance, Booth appears solid and predictable, a rule follower, and stereotypically “alpha-male.” However, as viewers of the show become more acquainted with the character, they realize the Seeley Booth is full of contrasts and quirkiness – just like his socks.

The Man in the Suit

At first glance, Seeley Booth led a typical childhood. He has a fond memory of attending a World Series game with his father and spend time serving as an altar boy. He attended public school and participated in high school sports. This conservative childhood is only a thin layer deep, however. In reality, Booth is the product of a broken home. His father was an abusive alcoholic. Booth often received the brunt of this abuse as he shielded his younger brother from their father’s beatings.

Booth’s success at school, during his military service, and at the FBI is likely due to his own inner strength and convictions. Just as he hides his weirdly colorful socks under the dark hues of his suit, Booth keeps his family history quiet and presents an outward appearance of solidarity and strength.

He treats his military in a similar fashion. Revealing only rare glimpses of the torture and emotional trauma he suffered while in combat. Instead, he shares the outer trappings of his service, such as medals and awards, in shadow boxes behind his desk at work.

Seeley Booth keeps his colorful socks hidden beneath the business suit of the FBI just as he covers up the colorful details of his personal life with a conservative demeanor.

The Colors Under The Black and White Facade

Booth has been described as a character who sees the world in black and white. The case for this can be made based on his decisions to follow the rules and keep his emotions well within his control. Beneath his controlled exterior, though, Booth is a man weighed down by contrasting emotions.

Just as the viewer gets infrequent peeks at Seeley’s colorful socks, the viewer only rarely gets to see some of the inner struggles that Booth holds at bay. The character has feelings of guilt, anger, and even fear at times. These conflicts, like the socks, are kept carefully covered and hidden from view.

The Parts in the Whole

The fact that Seeley Booth wears colorful socks is one symbolic quirk characterizing the dependable FBI agent. This colorful detail can be used to represent the bulk of other details that make Booth a favorite of the show’s fans. Some of the other details that viewers may miss if they aren’t paying attention are Booth’s fear of clowns, his allergy to grass, and the vintage fridge in the apartment of the first seasons.

The Reality in the Show

Is it significant that Seeley Booth wears colorful socks under his FBI uniform of black and white? Viewers might relate to this tendency as they hold back certain interesting aspects of their own lives. Yet those same viewers make find some hope in the fact that the unusual socks don’t detract from the strength and likeableness of the character. Instead, the brief glimpses of color beneath the outward exterior provide interest, depth, and appeal. 

Ella Gray