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Hatchet 3 winners!

Hatchet 3 hits UK DVD March 31st. Courtesy of Metrodome, TMW has 3 copies to give away to UK readers.

There are your average, run-of-the-mill serial killers – and then there’s Victor Crowley. 
A hulking, massive ghoul who relishes in the dismemberment of anyone who wanders into his Louisiana swamp, this cinematic sociopath has been thrilling awestruck audiences since first bursting onto the horror scene in writer/director Adam Green’s 2006 scarefest Hatchet.
After discovering her father and brother’s mangled corpses in the original Hatchet, young Marybeth (Danielle Harris) has done all she can to destroy their supernatural killer. Blinded by an unstoppable vengeance that burns inside of her, the young woman’s wild quest for revenge has cost countless lives and now, as Crowley’s swamp is overrun by special forces, the stakes raised to the breaking point.
This time, Marybeth will need to find a way to put down Victor Crowley for good – or die trying.

The winners are:

Adam Meaney, Cornwall
Richard Smith, Wednesbury
Kevin Matthews, Edinburgh