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New Evidence For Amityville Horror House

Haunted houses have always been a huge thing of interest in America. Large full budget movies, documentaries, even T.V. shows based off the ideas of a haunted house have been a huge hit. So what happens when two well-known ghost chasers buy an equally well-known haunted house? Well we are about to find out.

The LiveSciFi extreme ghost hunters, a team that releases their intense videos through YouTube, decided to buy the house after they heard of the rumors that had spread throughout the city. Tim Wood, the founder of LiveSciFi, explained that the house “has a history that needs to be uncovered and told”.

Amityville Horror House

The Amityville horror house has been a house of legends for many years now. Back in the 70’s it was widely reported as one of the most dangerous haunted houses in the nation. The house has been known for many different past horrible events, including one suicide and many people who lived there who had gone through bankruptcies. However, the exact reason for haunting is not known.

There are many different reports of things that have happened in the house, everything from unexplained noises, scurrying, and bangs in the house, to unexpected figures. For instance one sighting in the house was of a phantom man, it is claimed that he was well dressed, and that sometimes he is seen walking the room with a little girl.

Shrieks, moans, and crying are all things that are reported as having been heard close to the house. Many people have reported seeing random bloody spots in the house as well. The house has been rented to many different individuals in the past, so no specific past stories are known, and no explanation is known at this point.


The professional team at LiveSciFi left some cameras in the house and sensors in order to analyze if anything was going on. After leaving the devices in the house overnight they concluded that the house definitely had some kind of supernatural activity going on. The team decided to buy the house so that they could continue to investigate. They release live updates on their website as they continue to find more and more evidence, the team at LiveSciFi claims that they’re trying to undercover the true story of why the house is haunted.

The team also claims that they had some eerie experiences when they first started the investigation. This includes during their interviews inside the house. Two men of the team report that they felt someone grab and pull on their shirt while they were being interviewed.


LiveSciFi plans on updating their information on YouTube and on their website as well. Tim Wood reports that he is planning on hiring someone to do an exorcism. And that he believes the only way to truly resolve the problems in the house is to expose the story. When asked if he would be allowing others to go through the house for live ghost tours he responded “The activity in the house is too strong, I don’t want random people to go in there and get attacked.”