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Ghost The Musical Gets Scary Reviews

It seems everyone is a critic these days, especially when it comes to the latest musical inspired by Hollywood.  Ghost, the musical, has hit the road for a national tour and is getting mixed reviews, though most are negative.
  The biggest complaints seem to be that the show being taken on tour is scaled down too much from the one which originally debuted in London two years ago.  The main visual elements that brought the stage adaptation of the film to life have been utterly removed or scaled down so far as to make the special effects cheesy and unbelievable.  Much of the choreography was built around the stunning visual effects.  With those effects missing the dancing now seems sloppy and out of place.  Also missing are the lead performs who originally played Sam and Molly.  The replacements for the road show are far less sure of themselves and their performances are not up to par.

But the production of Ghost isn't just for 90s nostalgia.  Entertainment centered around the paranormal has been becoming increasingly popular in recent years.  Television shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures have been ratings gold for networks like the Travel Channel and SyFy.  Why you may ask?  Because in this technological age where everything seems to be answered by a new gadget or by saying "Ok Google" many people feel the need to hang onto those things which science cannot explain.  Clutching to the paranormal is one way to keep part of life a mystery and to enjoy the unknown.  Some adventurers even go as far as to base their vacations around ghost hunting.  Paranormal vacations have become all the rage with tourists visiting the most haunted cities, houses and buildings in the United States.

Ghosts aren't the only thing that goes bump in the night and piques our interests.  Bigfoot is making a huge resurgence into mainstream media.  Spike TV has a new series debuting this month called Bigfoot Bounty which offers up a $10 Million prize to one cast member in a group of hunters who brings in a sasquatch.  Despite your probable initial reaction the show is wildly entertaining and a legitimate expedition to find the elusive missing link.  Spike has brought in amazing judges to help determine the findings of the hunters including Dr. Todd Disotell, who has a PhD from Harvard and runs New York University's molecular primatology lab.  His role is to analyze the DNA evidence and measure it for legitimacy.  Also joining the judges team is Natalia Reagan who is a world-renowned primatologist and field researcher.  Actor Dean Cain rounds out the judges table and serves as host for the show.  More than just a pretty face, Dean holds a history degree from Princeton University and has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life.

So have you had your own paranormal encounter?  Do you enjoy entertainment focusing on the unknown?  Tell us what you think and what you have experienced in the past.  Do you think ghosts are real? What about Bigfoot, aliens and more?  Tell us in the comments below.