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10 Best Riz Ortolani Scores

Italian composer Riz Ortolani sadly passed away on January 23rd, 2014, aged 87, leaving behind a legacy of over 200 scores. His 1962 Best Song Oscar nomination for Mondo Cane is possibly the only time the Academy acknowledged the world of Italian exploitation movies. Ortolani prolifically contributed to genres as disaparate as EuroSpy, Giallo and the Spaghetti Western. In tribute, here are selections from 10 of his best scores.

Mondo Cane (1962)

Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971)

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Day of Anger (1967)

House on the Edge of the Park (1980)

Confessions of a Police Captain (1971)

Seven Blood-stained Orchids (1972)

Ecco (1964)

Teresa the Thief (1973)

The Pyjama Girl Case (1977)

Frank Sinatra sings 'More' from Mondo Cane

Eric Hillis