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End of the world movies that make you glad to be alive now

There have been plenty of end of the world movies that make you thankful for the world we have around us today. We have running water, electricity, food in the shops, gas for our cars. Somehow most of the movies that depict the future don’t show us how great life will be. Instead, they focus on how bleak and depressing life on earth could be.

So while we may complain about energy rates going up and the cost of living in general always being on the rise, we can gain some comfort from thinking life’s not so bad when you watch either of these post-apocalyptic movies.

The Road (2009)

After an unspecified end of world cataclysm that has left the world devoid of most animal and plant life, civilisation has been dissolved and any survivors scavenge to stay alive, some resorting to cannibalism. The plot focus is the journey of a young boy and his father who are heading to the south coast in the hope that it will be warmer and easier to survive there.
It’s a bleak view of what life might be like post a cataclysmic event and it doesn’t end well for the man. He gets his boy to the coast after a series of near misses and run-ins with would-be cannibals and thieves. Though he has reached his goal of getting his child to the coast, he is then killed by an ambusher who shoots him with an arrow. He lies dying, reminding his boy how to look after himself but retain his humane values. When he has died, we see the son being approached by a family who offer him the possibility of joining them.

I am Legend(2007)

In I am Legend, Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a scientist who is the only survivor in New York City following the spread of a terrible virus. He may be the only survivor in the world for all he knows. He has spent three years sending out radio messages on a daily basis trying to find out if there are other survivors. However, he’s not alone in what was New York. The plague turned its victims into mutant monsters – the Infected – who are there watching Neville and waiting for him to make a mistake. Neville is mankind’s only hope and is trying to reverse the effects of the virus using his own blood. The prospect of him succeeding looks pretty bleak until two other immune survivors turn up.

Of course, these are just two examples of the many end of the world movies that are out there available for you to watch. Whenever you feel like grumbling about life in today’s world, just download or rent one of these, and you’ll then bask in the comfort of life as we know it!

Emma Carey