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The 5 Most Anticipated Movies Of December 2013

TMW's editor picks the five upcoming UK/Ireland December releases most whetting his appetite.

Released in its native Denmark back in 2010, this big screen spinoff from a TV series billed as "Denmark's Curb Your Enthusiasm" finally receives a UK release. The humor seems like it may be a little too broad for my tastes but entertaining political incorrectness is something the Danes seem to pull off well.

The acclaim for Alexander Payne's last film 'The Descendants' was lost on me but I'm hoping this black and white road movie will see him return to the early form of 'About Schmidt' and 'Sideways'. If nothing else it's got the great Bruce Dern in a leading role.

Spike Lee's remake of Park Chan-Wook's acclaimed Korean thriller is intriguing for how Lee will get around the controversial subject matter. There's no way the content of the original can be repeated for Western audiences is there?

Rough Cut
Conceptual artist Jamie Shovlin takes postmodernism to new levels with this fake documentary about the making and remaking of fake 1981 Italian exploitation movie 'Hiker Meat'.

All Is Lost
JC Chandor follows up his talky office-bound debut 'Margin Call' with its polar opposite - a high seas set drama with only one cast member, Robert Redford in a completely wordless performance. Looks like 'Life of Pi' for those of us who don't appreciate being lectured to.

Eric Hillis