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1001 Overlooked Movies - A Call For Contributions

Hey guys, here at The Movie Waffler we're undertaking our most

Are you all familiar with the book '1001 Movies You Must See Before
You Die'? I'm not sure about the US but in Ireland and in the UK
it's hugely popular and on the shelves of most movie geeks, certainly
mine. Quite a few sites run a feature where they work their way
through the included movies but what we've decided to do instead is
highlight 1001 movies that have been overlooked by the list.

We want as many bloggers as possible to join in. The post will appear
on our site but you can of course post it on your own also if you wish
(and we'll include a link back to your site in the post of course).

It will give you a chance to reach a new audience while singing the
praises of your favorite overlooked movies.

They don't necessarily have to be your favorite movies though. You could pick
films that you don't personally enjoy yet feel are important for a
certain reason e.g the first time a specific technique was used.

The 1001 book includes documentaries so we'll allow them too, however we're
excluding those which are based around a specific artist as your
appreciation of the doc is pretty much based on your appreciation of
the artist. So no concert documentaries, profiles of film-makers, actors etc.

Short films can also be included but no music videos (unless they
contain a narrative eg Michael Jackson's Thriller)

TV movies can be included but no series or mini-series.

No movies made after 2011 will be included as the latest edition of
1001 movies ends at 2011.

When we start getting posts up I'll implement some further rules so
the final 1001 movies cover as wide a spectrum as possible but for now
anything is game.

The full list of movies which have already been included, and so
aren't eligible, can be found here -

If more than one person suggests the same film it'll be a first come
first served decider.

How realistic are the chances of hitting 1001 movies? Well, if 10
writers submitted a weekly post it would be done in less than two
years. But let's not get too caught up in achieving the target, it's
the taking part that's all the fun.

If we do manage to hit 1001 maybe we'll turn it into an ebook or even
a paperback but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Interested? Email