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Popular Casino Scenes in Movies

Casinos are exciting venues that provide a lot of thrills for those who play in them. Players are anxious with the thought of winning big which makes casinos even more exciting. Movie makers have garnered these emotions and included casino scenes within their films. Many movies have featured popular casino scenes in them.

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ is one movie that has several popular casino scenes. The plot of this movies centers on a plot by a group of skilled criminals. They hatch a plan to break into and rob the vaults of three of Vegas’ top casinos. A suspenseful movie, “Ocean’s Eleven” has an exciting scene where the doors of one of these casino vaults are blown off. Another scene shows Brad Pitt trying to teach a group of newbies how to play poker. While acting as if he’s on their side, he is actually scamming them along with his partner played by George Clooney.

With a title like ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ one would expect a casino to appear in some capacity in this movie. While not a casino movie per se, there is a memorable scene in the film involving the main character played by Nicholas Cage. He becomes enraged when his requested drink cannot be made for him and knocks over a blackjack table. Cage, of course, is wrestled to the ground by security and promptly ejected.

Of all the table games in a casino, blackjack is probably the easiest to learn. If you would like to try it yourself, you can visit Intertops online. The main idea is to have a hand with a higher count than the dealer without going over a count of 21. When one gets these basics down, there are some special moves that can be made. For one, a player may opt to split their hand. This can be done if they are dealt two identical cards. Each card becomes the start of a new hand.

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