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Cameo Chameleon

The world of cinema is a love-in, as we all know. Actors pop up in the strangest of places playing cameo roles. We look at the top eight cameos in movie history.

Bill Murray – Zombieland
Bill Murray’s appearance in Zombieland is both awesome and terrifying. His cameo, where he gets to both dress up like a zombie and begrudge his worst film, Garfield, leaves fans of Murray and of the genre really pleased

David Bowie – Zoolander
The Starman himself makes a cameo appearance in Zoolander, playing off the main character Ben Stiller against his top model rival played by Owen Wilson in a Walk-Off. Just Bowie’s expression as one of the models tries to remove his underwear whilst standing makes the film worth a watch. This film also features cameos from Natalie Portman and David Duchovny.

Quentin Tarantino
Tarantino can be found in most of his films, playing either full characters such as in Reservoir Dogs, or smaller roles like in Jackie Brown.

Alice Cooper – Wayne’s World
Alice Cooper, famous for his rock anthem School’s Out, has a cameo in the top film Wayne’s World. He plays his role straight, discussing the importance of the city of Milwaukee as a trade center while backstage at one of his shows.

Stan Lee – Marvel films, Mallrats
Traditionally, Stan Lee has a cameo in all Marvel films. His latest appearance is excellent, appearing in The Amazing Spiderman, wearing headphones and air-conducting while Spiderman causes havoc around him. He also appears in Kevin Smith’s film, Mallrats, where he plays a voice of wisdom and relationship adviser to the character Brodie.

Mike Tyson – The Hangover
Mike Tyson has a cameo in the bromance casino film The Hangover, when the protagonists steal his tiger and have to return it. It also features him singing, although don’t expect a record deal from Tyson any time soon. All the trouble could have been avoided if they'd used an online casino from Jackpot Capital!

Keith Richards - Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End
Pirates star Johnny Depp famously based his wild character Jack Sparrow on Keith Richards, so it was fitting that the Rolling Stones star had a cameo in the film playing Sparrow’s father.

John Hurt – Spaceballs
Replaying his role in Alien for laughs this time, John Hurt’s cameo in Spaceballs, which parodies the famous chestburster scene in Alien, is played perfectly. The alien really is the highlight of this section though, with an homage to the famous cartoon Michigan J. Frog.

Adela Johnson