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Spring 2013 Movie Preview

TMW looks at the releases whetting our appetite this April and May.

Dark Skies
It feels like an age since we've had an alien invasion movie. This one keeps things focused around a family in suburbia. 'Poltergeist' meets 'Signs' is the vibe we're getting but hopefully it has more in common with the former.

Spring Breakers
Nobody really knows what to expect from this movie about four teens (played by former child stars) who turn to crime to experience the joys of Spring Break. With controversial film-maker Harmony Korine on writing and directing duties, we're expecting some serious sleaze.

While many have an irrational contempt for Tom Cruise, here at TMW we're big fans. Having Cruise in your film is a mark of quality as he rarely picks duds (don't mention 'Knight & Day' around us). The trailer for his latest doesn't give much away but when Cruise does Sci-Fi, the results are usually positive.

The Place Beyond the Pines
Director Derek Cianfrance blew us away in 2011 with his tale of marital discord 'Blue Valentine'. Here he follows it up with this crime drama, again starring Ryan Gosling. While the trailer admittedly flatters to deceive, we're eager to see if Cianfrance is more than a one hit wonder.

Simon Killer
Last year we were blown away by Golden Waffle winner 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'. 'Simon Killer' comes from the same producer (Antonio Campos) and director (Sean Durkin) but here they've swapped roles with Durkin producing and Campos directing. Brady Corbet, who had a supporting part in 'MMMM', plays an American student who falls for a prostitute in Paris.

'Assault on Precinct 13' gets a political twist in director/actor Matthieu Kassovitz's latest as a police station in the French colony of New Caledonia is attacked by angry local rebels during an uprising.

The ABC's of Death
This horror anthology features 26 short films, each based around a particular letter of the alphabet. Anthology movies are usually hit and miss, but when you've got this many entries, some of them have to be worthwhile, right? Right?

The Look of Love
Paul Raymond, the porn magnate who at one point was Britain's richest man, is the subject of Michael Winterbottom's biopic. Even Winterbottom's bad films tend to be somewhat interesting so this should definitely be worth checking out.

Star Trek: Into Darkness
We weren't blown away by J.J Abrams 'Star Trek' reboot but it did show some promise. Now it's time to see if he can fulfill this promise. Last year we were treated to a ten minute preview which left us optimistic. With Abrams taking over no less than the 'Star Wars' franchise, there's a lot riding on this one. 

Neil Jordan returns to the world of vampires with Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan portraying a mother and daughter blood-sucking double act. Let's be honest though, the main reason for half the population to watch this one is to see Arterton playing a pole-dancer.

Matthew McConaughey continues his career reinvention with this southern gothic tale from 'Take Shelter' director Jeff Nichols. The star impressed many, including the Waffler, with his recent turns in 'Killer Joe' and 'Magic Mike' and reports are suggesting this is his finest performance to date.