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New Release Review - Warm Bodies

Directed by: Jonathan Levine
Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Dave Franco, Rob Corddry

Rom-zom-com based on a popular young-adult novel.

In the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, a zombified young man (Hoult) wanders aimlessly through his life until one day he begins to develop the power of speech. When he comes across zombie hunter Julie (Palmer), he rescues her and hides her in his home, a jumbo jet grounded in an airport. Julie names him 'R' and begins to develop feelings for the shambling lug. When other zombies also start to speak, Julie decides to attempt to convince her father (Malkovich), the leader of the last group of survivors, that zombies and humans can live together peacefully.
Mainly due to the simple fact that it requires little in the way of plot, the zombie movie has been done to death (or should that be "un-death") over the last decade. It's been the choice of countless low budget hacks with no idea of what makes the genre work for quite a while now. 2013 looks like being the year that big budget hacks take a bite out of the sub-genre, with this blatant 'Twilight' cash-in and 'World War Z' due later. There are no more than a handful of worthwhile zombie flicks, most of them made by George A. Romero, and the successful ones understand that the zombies should act purely as a device to get a bunch of disparate characters together in a confined space.
In 'Warm Bodies', the lead character himself is a zombie, played by that weird kid from 'About A Boy', no doubt set to become the latest pasty-faced young Brit to break the hearts of the world's schoolgirls. It's essentially a romantic comedy hoping to crossover with horror fans. The latter group will be far from satisfied with this dull tale. If you're a fourteen year old girl you'll probably think this is a masterpiece but everyone else will be bored as senseless as, sorry, one bad pun too many.
Warm Bodies (2013) on IMDb 7.0/10

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