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Ten Of The Best - 1988

The ten best movies of 1988

10. Another Woman
Gena Rowlands and Gene Hackman are brilliant in one of Woody Allen's more overlooked films. 

9. The Serpent & The Rainbow
Wes Craven's tale of voodoo mysticism in Haiti was a flop at the time as audiences wanted another Freddy Krueger. It's actually one of the director's better efforts.

8. Biloxi Blues
Matthew Broderick plays a surrogate Neil Simon in this film of the stage play. Just as charming as you'd expect from Simon.

7. Child's Play
Chucky did for killer dolls what the Gremlins did for evil little monsters. Spawned a host of knockoffs but this is the original and best.

6. The Beast Of War
Kevin Reynolds' war movie was critically panned for casting Americans as a Russian tank crew invading Afghanistan. Now it seems like a prophecy.

5. Monkey Shines
George Romero's last truly enjoyable movie. The second greatest killer monkey movie of all time.

4. Halloween 4
The fourth, and indeed fourth best, of the original slasher franchise. Donald Pleasance is centre stage here and milks it for all it's worth. MICHAEL!!!!

3. Die Hard
The pinnacle of the eighties action movie and a Christmas staple. John McTiernan gives a masterclass in action film-making.

2. Miracle Mile
One of the great forgotten flicks of the decade. Anthony Edwards races across a Los Angeles on the verge of nuclear annihilation to be with his girlfriend. "Cloverfield" owes this movie a lot.

1. They Live
Roddy Piper goes to L.A with the intention of chewing bubble gum and kicking ass. He runs out of bubble gum.

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