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Ten Of The Best - 1973

The ten best movies of 1973

10. Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
With a laid back style it's the "Rio Bravo" of the seventies. Bob Dylan's soundtrack features some of his best work.

9. American Graffiti
One of the greatest coming of age movies. It's director's next film was a pretty big hit too.

8. The Last Detail
Hal Ashby was a quintessential seventies film-maker, he practically did nothing outside the decade. Worth watching for the hilarious scene where a drunken Nicholson tries to assemble a camper bed alone.

7. Emperor of the North Pole
Why was the seventies a great decade for movies? Because you could cast two geriatrics like Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin as the leads in an action movie.

6. Day For Night
Probably the best movie about film-making ever made.

5. The Exorcist
Vastly over-rated as a horror film but if you watch it as a straight drama it's fantastic.

4. Messiah Of Evil
This however is a vastly under-rated horror movie. Possibly the most European movie ever made in America and from the director of "Howard The Duck" bizarrely. Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere.

3. The Sting
Butch and Sundance team up again. The plot doesn't hold up too well to scrutiny but you'll be having way too much fun to care.

2. The Long Goodbye
Like Ashby, the seventies was Altman's greatest decade. This is one of the best of a run of movies unmatched by few. Elliott Gould was never better.

1. The Wicker Man
The movie that made me realise how great horror movies can really be. British cinema at it's best. Ignore the Neil LaBute remake and director Robin Hardy's own sequel, they're both awful.

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