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New Release Review - Man On A Ledge

Directed by: Asger Leth
Starring: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Genesis Rodriguez, Ed Harris

When Worthington steps out the window of a 21st floor hotel room, logic doesn't waste any time following him.

Personally I've never been a fan of movies that are heavily plot-driven. To me, plots belong in novels, not films. I much prefer to let a movie's atmosphere wash over me than spend ninety minutes trying to follow it's plot. A film like this lives by it's plot and in this case dies by it's plot-holes.
The reason Worthington is on the ledge is to distract from the diamond heist occurring in Ed Harris' building across the street. The perpetrators of this heist are Bell and Rodriguez who, despite having no military backgrounds, manage to pull it off with the efficiency of Mossad agents. The only explanation as to their competence in this field is that Rodriguez spent her teen years breaking into rich people's homes. You can't imagine a black actress being cast in this role but negative stereotyping of Latinos still seems to be fair game.
Characters actions in the movie's final act contradict those of the first act, all in the name of cheap plot twists. The hardest to swallow was the faking of the funeral of a character who is present all along but never gets recognised as Worthington's father.
I once read that the top screenwriters only have an average of one script produced for every twenty written. If that's the case it's shocking that something as poorly and amateurishly written as this makes it to the screen. Surely they could have brought in a writer to iron out the gaps in logic? It seems quality control is a thing of the past as is Hollywood's respect for audiences.
If you want to see a decent version of this type of story then check out last year's "The Ledge" instead.