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Tribeca Film Festival 2023 Review - MOUNTAINS

Tribeca Film Festival 2023 Review - MOUNTAINS
A Haitian immigrant works for a demolition crew involved in dismantling his community.

Tribeca Film Festival 2023 Review - THE FUTURE

The Future review
An Israeli profiler questions the Palestinian assassin who slipped through her algorithm.

Tribeca 2022 Review - ROVING WOMAN

roving woman review
Following a breakup, a young woman steals a car and heads for the California desert.

Tribeca 2022 Review - PEACE IN THE VALLEY

Peace in the Valley review
A young mother struggles to cope with the death of her husband in a shooting incident.

Tribeca 2022 Review - BLAZE

blaze review
A young girl retreats into a fantasy world after witnessing a violent crime.

Tribeca 2022 Review - WE MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD

We Might As Well Be Dead review
The well-maintained order of an exclusive apartment block begins to break down when a dog goes missing.

Tribeca 2022 Review - ROUNDING

rounding review
A young physician becomes increasingly psychologically damaged following a patient's death.

Tribeca 2022 Review - THE VISITOR

the visitor review
An ex-convict's attempts to reconnect with his daughter are scuppered by his evangelist in-laws.