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New Release Review [Shudder] - IMPETIGORE

impetigore review
A young woman returns to her childhood village in rural Indonesia, unaware that the locals want her dead.

New Release Review [Shudder] - THE BEACH HOUSE

the beach house review
A sinister force emanating from the ocean ruins a young couple's seaside getaway.

New Release Review [Shudder] - METAMORPHOSIS

metamorphosis shudder review
On the cusp of leaving the Church, a priest is asked to help rid his brother's family of the evil spirit menacing their home.

Five Original and Exclusive Horror Movies Coming to Shudder in July

lake of death
The horror streaming service has announced its July roster of original and exclusive movies.

Three New Original Movies Announced for Shudder UK in June [Trailers]

yummy shudder
Scare Package, Warning: Do Not Play and Yummy will all debut on the horror themed streaming service.

New Release Review [Shudder] - CONFESSIONAL

confessional shudder review
In the aftermath of two mysterious deaths on campus, seven students are forced to enter a high-tech confessional booth.

New Release Review [Shudder] - BLOOD MACHINES

blood machines review
Artificial Intelligence takes the form of human women and turns against its masters.

New Release Review [Shudder] - BLOOD QUANTUM

blood quantum review
When the zombie apocalypse hits, a Canadian Indian reservation proves the sole refuge.