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New Release Review [Shudder] - SEANCE

seance review
Following the death of a girl during a prank, pupils at an exclusive girls' school are targeted by a killer.

New Release Review [Shudder] - MARTYRS LANE

martyrs lane review
A young girl uncovers family secrets as she is visited by the spirit of a dead child.

New Release Review [Shudder] - THE TOLL

the toll review
An Uber driver and his passenger are menaced by a mysterious force on a country road.

New Release Review [Shudder] - SON

son review
When her son is stricken by a mysterious condition, a young mother believes the cult she once fled from has caught up with her.

New Release Review [Shudder] - AN UNQUIET GRAVE

an unquiet grave review
A grieving widower attempts to resurrect his dead wife with the aide of her identical twin sister.