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Blu-Ray Review - THE AFRICAN QUEEN (1951)

the african queen review
A prim English missionary and a gruff riverboat captain attempt to thwart the occupying German forces in WWI East Africa.

Blu-Ray Review - WINTER KILLS (1979)

winter kills review
The half-brother of an assassinated president uncovers a conspiracy 19 years after the killing.

When Animals Attack: PRIMAL and the Best ‘Man vs Beast’ Movies

primal movie
With Nicolas Cage set to battle a shipload of angry animals in Primal, we look at some of the best man (and woman) vs nature movies.

Blu-Ray Review - CLOAK AND DAGGER (1946)

cloak and dagger review
An American physicist reluctantly becomes an undercover agent deep behind enemy lines in WWII Italy.

Five of the Best Charles Dickens Adaptations

great expectations
To celebrate the release of The Personal History Of David Copperfield in UK/ROI cinemas on 24th January, we are taking a look at some of the best Charles Dickens adaptations to grace our screens.

Now On Netflix - VIDEODROME

videodrome review
A ratings obsessed TV programmer discovers a sinister new source of content.

Now On Netflix - ENTEBBE

entebbe review
Dramatic recreation of the 1976 hijacking of an Air France passenger plane.


unforgettable review
A bride to be must contend with her future husband's dangerously psychotic ex-wife.

Now On Netflix - ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ.

roman j israel review
An idealistic lawyer is seduced by corruption.

Now On Netflix - DOWNSIZING

A married couple avails of a revolutionary shrinking technique, but complications mean the husband is left alone in his new shrunken form.

Now On Netflix - THE GUNMAN (2015)

the gunman review
Eight years after taking part in a political assassination, a gunman finds himself targeted.

Blu-Ray Review - THE FAR COUNTRY (1954)

the far country review
A narcissistic gunslinger's attempts to settle down are thwarted by a crooked judge on the Canadian border.