BluRay Review - L'assassino (1961)

A playboy is arrested on suspicion of murdering his lover.

BluRay Review - Absentia (2011)

Hi-def release from Second Sight of Oculus director Mike Flanagan's low budget debut.

BluRay Review - The Beast Within (1982)

A teenage boy finds himself transforming into a human grasshopper.

BluRay Review - Theatre of Blood (1973)

A hammy stage actor exacts revenge on his critics.

BluRay Review - Re-Animator (1985)

High def transfer of Stuart Gordon's cult eighties shocker.

BluRay Review - Thunderbolt & Lightfoot (1974)

Michael Cimino's directorial debut hits BluRay from Second Sight Films.

BluRay Review - The Delta Force (1986)

Notoriously cheesy eighties action flick gets the hi-def treatment.

1001 Overlooked Movies - Lords of Dogtown (2005)

True story of the pioneers of California's skateboarding culture.

Hitchcock in Reverse - The Crystal Trench (1959)

A mountaineer falls for the widow of a fellow climber.

BluRay Review - Blind Woman's Curse (1970)

Hi-def reissue of Teruo Ishii's cult supernatural Yakuza actioner.

BluRay Review - White of the Eye (1987)

Reissue of Donald Cammell's neglected eighties thriller.

1001 Overlooked Movies - Superman (1978)

The original man who fell to Earth.

BluRay Review - The Stuff (1985)

Arrow Films' release of Larry Cohen's cult killer yogurt flick.

Hitchcock in Reverse - Incident at a Corner (1960)

A school crossing guard is accused of pedophilia by an anonymous parent.

BluRay Review - Phantom of the Paradise (1974)

Arrow Films' reissue of De Palma's offbeat musical.

BluRay Review - Classe Tous Risques (1960)

Hi-def BFI release of Claude Sautet's 1960 crime thriller.

1001 Overlooked Movies - Dinner Rush (2000)

Drama set during the course of a hectic evening in a New York restaurant.

BluRay Review - Filth

A crooked Edinburgh cop is determined to win a promotion by any means.

BluRay Review - Cheeky (2000)

Arrow Films' reissue of yet another Tinto Brass softcore epic.

BluRay Review - Frivolous Lola (1998)

Hi-def reissue of cult film-maker Tinto Brass's softcore tale.
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