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New to Arrow - THE FAR COUNTRY

the far country review
A narcissistic gunslinger's attempts to settle down are thwarted by a crooked judge on the Canadian border.

Blu-Ray Review - JOHNNY GUITAR

johnny guitar review
A saloon-keeper stands up to the female cattle baron set on destroying her.

Re-Release Review - MR. KLEIN

mr klein review
An art dealer profitting from the flight of Jews from wartime Paris finds himself mistaken for a Jewish man.

New to Amazon Prime Video - THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW

the woman in the window review
A college professor commits murder in self defense and attempts to cover his involvement in the crime.

ReRelease Review [BluRay/VOD] - THE PSYCHIC

the psychic review
Hoping to clear her husband of a murder charge, a woman investigates the violent premonition she experienced.

Re-Release Review - BASIC INSTINCT

basic instinct review
A San Francisco detective falls for the novelist suspected of killing a record producer.


johnny mnemonic predictions
As Johnny Mnemonic is re-released, we look at how closely it predicted the world of 2021.