Blu-Ray Review - SID AND NANCY (1986)

Dramatisation of the troubled relationship between Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

Blu-Ray Review - CONVERSATION PIECE (1974)

A professor's life is disrupted by the arrival of new tenants in the apartment upstairs.

Blu-Ray Review – THE STING (1973)

Two con men attempt to rip off the mobster responsible for their friend's murder.

Blu-Ray Review - A KIND OF LOVING (1962)

John Schlesinger's classic British working class relationship drama comes to blu-ray.


A college reporter goes undercover with the cheerleading team to expose institutional sexism.

Blu-ray Review - SUTURE (1993)

Hi-def release of Scott McGehee and David Siegel's cult monochrome thriller.

Blu-ray Review - WOMAN ON THE RUN (1950)

A wife searches for her estranged husband when he flees after witnessing a murder.

Blu-ray Review - LURKING FEAR (1994)

A disparate group of characters defend themselves from subterranean creatures.
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