Blu-Ray Review - NIGHTMARE CITY (1980)

Arrow hi-def release of one of Italian cinema's most bonkers creations.

Blu-Ray Review - VIDEODROME (1983)

David Cronenberg's cult body horror gets the hi-def treatment from Arrow Video.

Blu-Ray Review - MADMAN (1982)

Former member of the UK 'Video Nasties' list gets the hi-def treatment from Arrow Video.


Arrow Video's hi-def release of John Ford's classic western, with a bonus inclusion of Allan Dwan's 1939 Frontier Marshal.

All 10 of Superman's cinematic outings reviewed

With the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dropping, we take an in-depth look at the previous 10 cinematic offerings from the Superman universe.

Blu-ray Review - Immoral Tales (1974)

Another hi-def Arrow Video release from Walerian Borowczyk's controversial back catalogue.

Blu-ray Review - The Beast (1975)

Arrow Films hi-def issue of Walerian Borowczyk's controversial romantic fantasy.

Blu-ray Review - Shivers (1975)

High def reissue of David Cronenberg's feature debut, from Arrow Video.

DVD Review - Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

The screen adaptation of David Mamet's play gets a reissue from Odyssey DVD.
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