Blu-Ray Review - POOL OF LONDON (1951)

While on shore leave in London, two seamen become embroiled in a diamond heist.

Blu-Ray Review - THE SACRIFICE (1986)

On the eve of a nuclear holocaust, a man attempts to make a pact with God to save the earth.

Blu-Ray Review - FEDORA (1978)

A struggling movie producer attempts to lure a reclusive actress out of retirement.

John Waters' MULTIPLE MANIACS Continues To Shock And Awe

We revisited John Waters' 1970 film at a recent screening attended by the director himself.

Blu-Ray Review - PATHS OF GLORY (1957)

In World War One, a French Colonel must defend three of his men who are set to be executed for cowardice.

Blu-Ray Review - DEAD-END DRIVE-IN (1986)

In a dystopian future Australia, juvenile delinquents are forced to stay indefinitely at a drive-in movie theatre.

Blu-Ray Review - THE GLASS KEY (1942)

Second screen adaptation of Dashiell Hammett's novel of political intrigue.

Blu-Ray Review - HANGMEN ALSO DIE! (1943)

WWII drama set in the aftermath of the assassination of high ranking Nazi Reinhard Heidrich.

Blu-Ray Review - THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX (1965)

The survivors of a plane crash attempt to build a new aircraft from the wreckage.

Blu-Ray Review - SID AND NANCY (1986)

Dramatisation of the troubled relationship between Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

Blu-Ray Review - CONVERSATION PIECE (1974)

A professor's life is disrupted by the arrival of new tenants in the apartment upstairs.

Blu-Ray Review – THE STING (1973)

Two con men attempt to rip off the mobster responsible for their friend's murder.
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