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New to Prime Video - IMAGES

images 1972 review
While staying at a home in rural Ireland, a children's author experiences a series of increasingly disturbing hallucinations.

New to Netflix - AMBULANCE

ambulance review
An ambulance becomes the getaway vehicle for a pair of bank robbers.

New to Prime Video - BOTTOMS

New to Prime Video - BOTTOMS
Two lesbians form a fight club at their school in order to maul cheerleaders.

New Release Review - TRUNK

Trunk review
A young woman finds herself trapped in the boot of a car headed for a mysterious destination.


The Marsh King's Daughter review
A young woman draws on her survival skills when her abusive father escapes from prison.

New to Prime Video - SALTBURN

New to Prime Video - SALTBURN
An Oxford student is invited to spend his summer at a classmate's sprawling estate.

New Release Review - BUTCHER’S CROSSING

Butcher's Crossing review
A buffalo hunter grows increasingly unstable on an expedition to a remote Colorado valley.

New Release Review - DARK HARVEST

Dark Harvest review
On Halloween 1963 a group of vigilantes hunt a killer menacing their small town.

New Release Review - TOTALLY KILLER

Totally Killer review
A teen accidentally travels back 35 years to a time when her town is being menaced by a killer.

New to Prime Video - WOMEN TALKING

New to Prime Video - WOMEN TALKING
The women of a religious commune debate how to proceed after a series of sexual assaults.

New to Prime Video - SUPERIOR

New to Prime Video - SUPERIOR
Fleeing her abusive husband, a young woman trades identities with her twin sister.

New to Prime Video - DON’T SAY ITS NAME

don't say its name review
A cop and park ranger investigate a series of killings in rural Canada.

New to Prime Video - EIGHTH GRADE

eighth grade review
The struggles of a socially awkward teen as she completes middle school.

New to Prime Video - LIVING

New to Prime Video - LIVING
Learning he has mere months to live, a repressed civil servant seeks joy in his final days.