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10 Movies You Must See in November

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Our guide to the most exciting new releases coming in November.

The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2020 So Far

With Halloween approaching, we're highlighting the year's best horror to date.

SNOWPIERCER and the Best Class-Conscious Dystopian Sci-FI Cinema

With Snowpiercer finally available on UK disc, we're looking at some of the best examples of dystopian sci-fi.

Off the Rails: SNOWPIERCER and 5 of the Best Train-Bound Action Movies

As Snowpiercer finally arrives on UK blu-ray and DVD, we're looking back at some of the screen's best train-bound action.

25 Movies You Just Might Get to See in Cinemas in 2020

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With return dates unveiled for cinemas in the UK and Ireland, we look at the movies you just might get to see on the big screen this year.