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10 Movies You Must See in March

the truth catherine deneuve juliette binoche
Our guide to the most exciting movies coming to UK/ROI cinemas in March.

THE CALL OF THE WILD and the Most Charming Dog Films of All Time

The Call of the Wild
To celebrate the UK/ROI release of 20th Century Studios' The Call of the Wild on 19th February, we are giving you a run-down of the most charming dog films of all time, from Marley & Me to Beethoven and beyond.

PRIMAL Director Nick Powell’s Top Five Nicolas Cage Films

primal nicolas cage
The director of Nic Cage's latest thriller counts down his favourite performances from the star.

10 Movies You Must See in February

10 Movies You Must See in February 2020
Our guide to the most enticing films coming to UK/ROI cinemas in February.

When Animals Attack: PRIMAL and the Best ‘Man vs Beast’ Movies

primal movie
With Nicolas Cage set to battle a shipload of angry animals in Primal, we look at some of the best man (and woman) vs nature movies.

Five of the Best Charles Dickens Adaptations

great expectations
To celebrate the release of The Personal History Of David Copperfield in UK/ROI cinemas on 24th January, we are taking a look at some of the best Charles Dickens adaptations to grace our screens.

Against The Clock: IN THE LINE OF DUTY & Five Of The Best 'Real Time' Thrillers

in the line of duty
In anticipation of In the Line of Duty’s January 3rd release in cinemas and on digital HD, we run down some of the most exciting real-time thrillers in movie history.

TMW's 50 Best Movies Of 2019

We've made a list. We've checked it twice. Here are the movies we found most nice.

TMW's 10 Best Directorial Debuts Of 2019

2019 introduced us to an exciting new crop of first time filmmakers.

THE COURIER Director Zackary Adler On His Top Five Female Action Heroes

the courier
To celebrate the release of the white-knuckle actioner The Courier on 20 December, director Zackary Adler is taking us through his top five kick-ass female action stars.

Robert De Niro's Best Real Life Characters

robert de niro
A look at the memorable real life characters De Niro has portrayed.