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THE CALL OF THE WILD and the Most Charming Dog Films of All Time

The Call of the Wild
To celebrate the UK/ROI release of 20th Century Studios' The Call of the Wild on 19th February, we are giving you a run-down of the most charming dog films of all time, from Marley & Me to Beethoven and beyond.

Marley and Me
marley and me
Most pet owners can relate to this film, which came out in the late 2000s. As well as tugging at the heartstrings, this movie makes viewers crack up at Marley's disobedient puppy antics, while also making you appreciate that despite all the troublemaking, puppies can really bring a family together. This one will make you love your pooch even more than you thought you could. Guaranteed to make viewers shed a tear or two, this film rightfully earns its place on this list.

beethoven 1992
Beethoven is a 1992 American family comedy film, written by John Hughes. The story centres on a St. Bernard dog named after the composer Ludwig van Beethoven, whose music features throughout the film. When the Newton family decides to adopt an adorable St. Bernard puppy, the patriarch George soon feels displaced by the dog. Before long, Beethoven has grown considerably, leading to household mishaps. While George's wife and kids dote over him, it takes time for the father to see this pooch's finer qualities. However, Beethoven's life with the Newton family is jeopardised when a scheming vet tries to nab the dog for a deadly experiment.

Homeward Bound
homeward bound
Everyone has amazing childhood memories of Homeward Bound. This 1993 classic follows the story of three pets who mistakenly think they have been abandoned when their owners go out of town. Leaving their comfortable domestication behind, the trio head out into the wild on a search for their owners. The main pet characters of the movie are Sassy, a Himalayan cat; Shadow, a Golden Retriever; and Michael J. Fox, who stars as the voice of Chance, an American Bulldog. The unlikely friendship between the three pets will take you on an epic journey full of laughs and suspense, and is the perfect movie for cat and dog lovers alike.

My Dog Skip
my dog skip
The cast of this movie from 2000 is iconic - Diane Lane, Kevin Bacon and Frankie Muniz take the stage along with two Jack Russell Terrier actors named Moose and Enzo. The storyline includes drama, comedy and even historical events, which makes for an interesting plot and a heart-warming story about the friendship between a boy and his dog.  

101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians
This 1996 classic was one of Disney's most successful remakes. Pongo and Perdita are perfectly happy with their 15 puppies and charming owners, Roger and Anita - that is, until the evil Cruella De Vil decides she wants to turn the dogs into a fashionable fur coat. This familiar story is one that will keep you in suspense and make you laugh out loud, even if you've seen the movie before.

The Call of the Wild
The Call of the Wild
Starring Harrison FordThe Call of the Wild is an adventure film based on the Jack London 1903 novel of the same name. A domesticated St. Bernard/Scotch Collie dog named Buck is stolen from his Santa Clara, California home and sold to freight haulers in Yukon. Crossing paths with a man named John Thornton, the two embark on an adventure where Buck finds his true place in the world.

The Call of the Wild is released in UK/ROI cinemas on 19th February 2020.