Emma Watson - 6 Key Roles

We take a look at the English actress's most memorable roles.

Top 10 Lesser Known Stephen King Adaptations

To celebrate the release of the scary new thriller Cell we take a look at 10 of the best lesser known Stephen King adaptations.

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL & Cinema's Psychic Kids

To celebrate the home entertainment release of Midnight Special, we’re taking a look at some of the most fascinating films that portray children with superhuman, god-like powers.

7 Of The Best Jazz Films Ever Made

With Miles Davis biopic Miles Ahead hitting DVD this month, we take a look at some of cinema's best jazz movies.

Don Cheadle's 7 Greatest Roles

With Miles Ahead hitting home entertainment platforms this month, we look at the highlights of its director/star Don Cheadle's career.

LONDON HAS FALLEN: Bromance At The Movies

Let’s face it; it’s a fairly daunting task to save the world all by yourself. Not to mention, doesn’t having a partner by your side make fighting crime and evil so much more fun? We think so.

The 10 Best Soundtracks Of 2016 So Far

2016 has given us a feast for the eyes, and the ears! Here are our favourite soundtracks from the first half of the year.

The Top 10 Doctor Who Movies That Don't Feature The Doctor

A look at some of the best spinoffs from the long-running BBC sci-fi sensation.

9 Key Bruce Willis Roles

Yippee-kiy-ay! We take a look at the career of Bruce Willis.

The 10 Best Directorial Debuts Of 2016 So Far

2016 has introduced us to a new crop of talented filmmakers. Here are the 10 we've been most impressed by.

The 10 Worst Movies Of 2016 So Far

10 turkeys from the first half of 2016.

6 Great Recent British TV Mini-Mysteries

UK TV has given us some great mystery mini-series recently. We look at six of the best.

Cinema's Top 10 Stunt Men & Women

Taking a look at the stunt men and women who make Hollywood's action sequences happen.

Pino Donaggio's 10 Greatest Soundtracks

Our 10 favourite scores from the Italian composer, best known for his work with director Brian De Palma.
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