The 10 best Clint Mansell scores

Former frontman for UK indie group Pop Will Eat Itself, Clint Mansell has, over the last decade, created some of the most memorable scores in recent cinema. Here are selections from 10 of his best.

The Five Best Movies of March 2014!

TMW's editor picks his five favorite new releases from this past March.

Four unforgettable casino scenes

The Five Best Movies of February 2014!

TMW's editor picks the five new release that most impressed him during February.

Andy Comer's Top 10 of 2013

TMW's Andy Comer looks a back at the ten movies he was most impressed by last year.

The Five Best Movies of January 2014

TMW's editor picks the five most impressive new releases of the last month.

10 Best Riz Ortolani Scores

Italian composer Riz Ortolani sadly passed away on January 23rd, 2014, aged 87, leaving behind a legacy of over 200 scores. His 1962 Best Song Oscar nomination for Mondo Cane is possibly the only time the Academy acknowledged the world of Italian exploitation movies. Ortolani prolifically contributed to genres as disaparate as EuroSpy, Giallo and the Spaghetti Western. In tribute, here are selections from 10 of his best scores.

The 10 Best John Carpenter Scores

John Carpenter is the ultimate auteur. Not only has he directed, written, edited and produced throughout his career but he's also written the scores for most of his movies. One of the first soundtrack composers to make use of synths, Carpenter brought a minimalistic rock 'n' roll approach to his scores and defined the sound of eighties horror. Here are selections from ten of his best works.

10 Best Wojciech Kilar Scores

Recently passed at the age of 81, Wojciech Kilar had been composing in his native Poland for a quarter of a century before Francis Ford Coppola brought him to mainstream attention by hiring Kilar to score his 1992 'Dracula'.

Essential 2013 End of Year Movie Lists

Who doesn't love end of year movie lists? We've gathered together all the essential ones here.

The 13 Best Uses of Pre-recorded Music in 2013 Movies

There are few things more thrilling in cinema than seeing and hearing a great piece of music matched with great visuals. We've already highlighted the best scores of 2013, now here's the year's best use of pre-recorded (ie existing music not written for the screen) music.

Against the Grain: 10 Reviews We Got Wrong (Or Right?) in 2013

Here at Waffler Towers we're often baffled by the praise heaped on movies we feel are undeserving. Other times we champion a movie only to see it trashed in the mainstream. Using Rotten Tomatoes as a reference point, here are 10 examples from 2013 where our evaluations differed wildly from the general consensus. Were we completely wrong or just not drinking the right Kool-Aid?

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The 5 Best Movies of December 2013

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The Five Best Movie Scores of 2013

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The 5 Best Movies Of November 2013!

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The 5 Most Anticipated Movies Of December 2013

TMW's editor picks the five upcoming UK/Ireland December releases most whetting his appetite.

Horror Movie Icons Share Their Favorite Fright Flicks!

We asked a host of luminaries from the world of horror to list their favorite genre movies. Here are their answers. Unless stated otherwise, all movie titles refer to the original screen version. Thanks to everyone who contributed.
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