Kristen Stewart's 7 Best Performances

In the newly released Camp X-Ray, Kristen Stewart plays a guard in Guantanamo Bay whose experiences lead her to question the black and white view reinforced during her time in the military. In this critically acclaimed performance, Stewart proves she can leave Bella Swan and her signature teen angst persona behind her and take on more adult roles. To celebrate the film’s release, we explore her very best performances to date...

The 10 Most Intriguing Movies Of 2016

We narrow down a selection of 10 of the most interesting movies coming our way this year.

Top 20 Kevin Costner Facts

His face is as easily recognisable as his name, and for over 30 years Kevin Costner has starred in some of the most iconic movies ever produced.

HEIST Director SCOTT MANN Discusses His Action Influences

To celebrate the release of star-studded new action movie Heist, we learn about the biggest action influences from British director Scott Mann, ranging from 1980s classics to modern day gems, all of which paved the way for this ambitious and faced paced ride you won’t want to miss...


As you would expect from a Tarantino film, The Hateful Eight is jam-packed with references to film and TV.

The 20 Best Non-Western Scores Of ENNIO MORRICONE

We've previously highlighted Morricone's work in the western genre, but the Italian worked in every genre imaginable. Here's the best of the rest.

The 10 Best Western Scores Of ENNIO MORRICONE

best ennio morricone westerns soundtracks
No other composer's name is as synonymous with the western genre as Ennio Morricone. Here we pick our 10 favourite Morricone western scores.

The 50 Best Movies Of 2015

Best Movies Of 2015
We've reached the end of another great year of movies and it's time to count down our 50 favourites.

The Best Tunes From 2015 Movies

2015 saw filmmakers dig into their record collections and score their movies with some great tunes. Here are our favourites.

Against The Grain: 10 Reviews We Got Wrong (or Right?) In 2015

Here at The Movie Waffler we're often baffled by the praise heaped on movies we feel are undeserving. Other times we champion a movie only to see it trashed in the mainstream.

10 Things You Never Knew About Star Wars

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is one of the most anticipated films of the past few years. To celebrate its imminent release, Ladbrokes have created a quiz to test your knowledge and we thought we'd share some things you probably never knew about the franchise.

The Top 10 Blumhouse Scary Movies

We look at the 10 best scary movies to come from Blumhouse Productions.

The 10 Best Bond Themes

Sam Smith's theme song for Spectre failed to impress most listeners, so we looked back at Bond's history and picked out our 10 favourite Bond themes.

THE LAZARUS EFFECT Director David Gelb’s Favourite Horror Flicks

Halloween is as good a time as any to huddle under the duvet and revisit your favourite scary films. To celebrate creepy new back-from-the-dead horror The Lazarus Effect, director David Gelb shares his personal favourites from one of the best loved genres of all time…

The five rarest VHS horror movies

With V/H/S: Viral out now on DVD, here's a look at the five most sought after horror VHS tapes.

10 Invaluable Tips Which May One Day Save Your Life - Monty Python & The Holy Grail 40th Anniversary

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary and re-release of Monty Python & The Holy Grail in cinemas across the UK tonight, here's a list of ten top invaluable tips which may one day save your life.

The best horror movie dogs!

When man’s best friend enters the world of horror the results can be truly unsettling. Dogs are some of the most loved and the most feared animals to appear on the big screen - and they always make their mark.
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