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Six Times Actors Were Injured During Filming

seven brad pitt morgan freeman
Six instances where famous actors have been injured on movie sets and how this affected their respective films.

A DOG'S WAY HOME & The Best Human/Dog Relationships In Film

a dog's way home
To celebrate the release of A Dog’s Way Home in UK cinemas on 25th January, we’ve rounded up the best human/dog relationships in films.

50 Movies You Must See In 2019!

dragged across concrete
The Movie Waffler's picks of the movies coming to UK/ROI cinemas and Netflix in 2019.

Not All Action Heroes Wear Capes - FINAL SCORE & Its '90s Action Influences

final score movie
With old school actioner Final Score hitting DVD this Boxing Day, we look at the '90s action movies it evokes.

10 Movies You Must See In December

the old man and the gun
Our picks of the new releases coming to UK/ROI cinemas and VOD in December.

Field Guide To The Romero Zombie Universe

dawn of the dead
With a reimagining of Day of the Dead hitting DVD this month, we take a look at the world of George A. Romero's zombies.

'Mind the Gap!' DEATH LINE And The Best Of London-Set Horror

death line
As cult classic Death Line makes its UK blu-ray debut, we look at some of the best horror movies set in the English capital.

DOGGED & The Very Best Of Folk Horror

dogged movie
As folk horror Dogged hits DVD, we take a look at the classics of the genre.
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