TMW's 10 Best Movies Of 2018 So Far

first reformed
The best movies we've seen in the first quarter of 2018.

10 Movies You Must See In April

a quiet place
Our picks of the most intriguing movies coming to UK/ROI cinemas in April.

We Rank The 2018 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

oscars 2018
Our rankings of the nine movies battling it our for a Best Picture statuette this Sunday.

10 Movies You Must See In March

the third murder
Our guide to the most intriguing movies coming to UK/ROI cinemas in March.

Billy’s Back! JIGSAW & The Creepiest Dolls In Film

jigsaw billy
With Jigsaw coming to DVD/VOD later this month, we look at some of cinema's creepiest dolls.

We Pick The Winners Of 15 Movie Duels Of 2017

i, tonya
15 times similarly themed movies went to war in 2017...and our winners.

10 Reviews We Got Wrong In 2017

Blade Runner 2049
10 times we veered wildly from the critical consensus.

The 10 Best 2018 Releases We've Already Seen

We've already seen a bunch of movies set to open in UK/ROI cinemas in 2018. Here are our favourites.

10 Must See Movies From Producer Stephen Woolley

the company of wolves
With his latest production, The Limehouse Golem, about to hit DVD, we celebrate the career of the British movie mogul.

10 Overlooked & Under-rated Movies From 1977

3 women 1977
We travel back 40 years to recommend some gems that don't often get their due respect.

Seven Movies That Chart The Career Of Jake Gyllenhaal

jake gyllenhaal stronger
With Stronger set to hit UK/ROI cinemas on December 8th, we look back at the rise of Gyllenhaal.
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