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PRIMAL Director Nick Powell’s Top Five Nicolas Cage Films

primal nicolas cage
The director of Nic Cage's latest thriller counts down his favourite performances from the star.

Interview - LOST GULLY ROAD Director Donna McRae

donna mcrae interview
Australian filmmaker Donna McRae says her new film Lost Gully Road was essentially a hobby she had while working for a university.

Interview - THIS IS OUR HOME Star Simone Policano

simone policano
There’s a killer moment in the new film This is Our Home that’s going to stay with horror audiences long after the credits rolled – as actress and producer Simone Policano teases.

Hunting For SKINNER: The Search For A Lost Horror Movie

skinner traci lords
Screenwriter Paul Hart Wilden discusses his formerly lost horror movie Skinner, now on blu-ray from 101 Films.

Interview - PUMPKINS Writer/Director Maria Lee Metheringham

pumpkins horror film
Never snatch a man’s vegetables, explains Pumpkins writer-director Maria Lee Metheringham in this exclusive interview.

Interview - ECHOES OF FEAR Star Trista Robinson

echoes of fear trista robinson
Actress Trista Robinson on her new supernatural thriller.