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Now On Netflix - PIERCING

piercing review
A potential killer gets more than he bargained for from the prostitute he hires with the intention of murdering.


await further instructions review
A family's Christmas is disturbed when a mysterious force quarantines them inside their home, delivering instructions through their TV set.

Mike's Strange Cinema Cavalcade - Psycho Biddy Double Feature: STRAIT-JACKET/BERSERK

joan crawford strait-jacket
Mill Creek's double bill of 'Psycho Biddy' thrillers.

IFI Horrorthon 2018 Review - ST. AGATHA

st. agatha film review
A pregnant young woman attempts to flee the sinister convent she checked herself into.

IFI Horrorthon 2018 Review - VIDEOMAN

videoman review
A VHS collector bonds with an '80s obsessed alcoholic while searching for a missing tape.

IFI Horrorthon 2017 Review - THE HOUSEMAID

the housemaid review
In colonial Vietnam, a local woman takes a job as maid on a French estate that appears to be haunted.
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