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Vashon Island Film Festival 2022 Review - JUNIPER

juniper review
A young woman's plan to grieve alone at a remote cabin is disrupted by the arrival of her childhood friend.

First Look Review - WE BURN LIKE THIS

we burn like this review
A descendant of Holocaust survivors reconnects with her faith amid rising anti-semitism in her town.

First Look Review - THE FORGIVEN

the forgiven review
An alcoholic reluctantly throws himself at the mercy of the man whose son he killed.

First Look Review - FLUX GOURMET

flux gourmet review
An art collective spends a month long residency at an exclusive institute.

Tribeca 2022 Review - ROVING WOMAN

roving woman review
Following a breakup, a young woman steals a car and heads for the California desert.

Tribeca 2022 Review - YOU CAN LIVE FOREVER

you can live forever review
Two lesbian teenagers attempt to keep their relationship secret from their Jehovah's Witness community.

Tribeca 2022 Review - BLAZE

blaze review
A young girl retreats into a fantasy world after witnessing a violent crime.

Tribeca 2022 Review - WE MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD

We Might As Well Be Dead review
The well-maintained order of an exclusive apartment block begins to break down when a dog goes missing.