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New Release Review - PAMFIR

Pamfir review
A reformed criminal is dragged back into crime to protect his troubled son.

New Release Review - MISSING

Missing review
A teenager uses the internet to investigate her mother's disappearance.

New Release Review - GODLAND

Godland review
A Danish priest is assigned to oversee the construction of a church in Iceland.

New Release Review - THE OUTWATERS

The Outwaters review
film crew heads to the Mojave desert to shoot a music video, only to be menaced by mysterious forces.

New Release Review - LEONOR WILL NEVER DIE

New Release Review - LEONOR WILL NEVER DIE
Reality and fiction blur when a filmmaker falls into a coma while reading a script.

New Release Review - 1976

1976 review
A woman's holiday is disrupted when she discovers a political fugitive being harboured by a local priest.