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Cannes 2017 Review - LOVELESS

loveless cannes review
A divorced man and woman are forced to work together when their son disappears.

The Most Anticipated Movies Of Cannes 2017

The movies we're most excited to see at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

10 Great Cannes Palme d'Or Winners

10 of the most memorable movies to take home the top prize at the world's most prestigious film festival.

New Release Review (DVD) - SALT AND FIRE

salt and fire film review
A renowned scientist is kidnapped by a mysterious group led by an enigmatic businessman.

13 Movies For America's New Regime

We look at some classic movies that may become increasingly relevant in the times ahead.

First Look Review - MOONLIGHT

A young man struggles with his identity in the hyper-masculine world of working class Miami.

First Look Review - AQUARIUS

A woman resists the efforts of a property developer to move her out of her home.

John Waters' MULTIPLE MANIACS Continues To Shock And Awe

We revisited John Waters' 1970 film at a recent screening attended by the director himself.


The story of an Amazonian guide and the two European scientists who employ him in the search for a sacred plant.

New Release Review (DVD) - ARABIAN NIGHTS

Miguel Gomes' trilogy of films inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights tales.