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Dublin International Film Festival 2019 Review - WEREWOLF

werewolf polish movie review
Following the liberation of their concentration camp, a group of Jewish children find themselves under siege from the camp's guard dogs.

Dublin International Film Festival 2019 Review - DEAR SON

dear son review
A Tunisian father journeys to Turkey in an attempt to prevent his son from joining IS in Syria.

New Release Review - WHAT THEY HAD

what they had film review
A daughter struggles to convince her elderly father to check her Alzheimer's-suffering mother into a retirement home.

New Release Review - THE AFTERMATH

the aftermath review
While her army husband is distracted by the reconstruction of post-WWII Germany, a British woman conducts an affair with a German.

Blu-Ray Review - PICNIC (1956)

picnic film review
A drifter arrives in a small Kansas town on Labor Day. Trouble ensues.

New To Netflix - LIFE

life movie review
A newly discovered lifeform runs amok on the International Space Station.


the legend of tarzan review
Edgar Rice Burroughs' iconic hero arrives on screen for the umpteenth time.

New Release Review - BORDER

border film review
A lonely customs officer meets a mysterious man who shares her odd facial features.
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