The Movie Waffler The Movie Waffler: By Emily Craig

New Release Review (VOD) - RESTORATION

Finding a little girl's diary in their new home, a young couple investigate what happened to the child.

New Release Review (DVD) - LEFT TO DIE

A group of strangers must fight for their lives after waking up on a strange island.

New Release Review - DECAY

Finding the body of a would be burglar in his house, a disturbed man decides to hang onto the corpse.

New Release Review - GRIMSBY

A beer-swilling hooligan discovers his long lost brother is a secret agent.

New Release Review - DEADLY FAMOUS (VOD)

A former child star develops an unhealthy obsession with an aspiring actress.

New Release Review - THE LAST SAINT (DVD)

the last saint review
Attempting to free his mother form meth addiction, a teenager becomes involved in his family's criminal activities.

First Look Review - $ELFIE SHOOTOUT

A pair of broke men invent a scam to profit from the current obsession with 'selfies'.