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Blu-Ray Review - THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (1944)

the woman in the window review
A college professor commits murder in self defense and attempts to cover his involvement in the crime.

Blu-Ray Review - THE NIGHT OF THE GENERALS (1967)

the night of the generals review
A Nazi general is suspected of being the culprit behind the murders of prostitutes.

Blu-Ray Review - IRMA LA DOUCE (1963)

irma la douce review
A Parisian policeman becomes a pimp, only to fall for the prostitute under his charge.

Blu-Ray Review - CANNIBAL TERROR (1980)

cannibal terror review
Kidnappers find themselves on the menu when they hide out in a South American jungle.

Blu-Ray Review - PHANTOM LADY (1944)

phantom lady film review
When her boss, whom she is secretly in love with, is accused of murder, a secretary sets out to prove his innocence.

Blu-Ray Review - TAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU (1970)

take a girl like you review
Having moved to lodgings outside London, a young woman finds herself the object of the lustful attentions of several men.

Blu-Ray Review - PICNIC (1956)

picnic film review
A drifter arrives in a small Kansas town on Labor Day. Trouble ensues.

Blu-Ray Review - CLASS OF 1999 (1990)

class of 1999 review
In a dystopian school system, three violent android teachers are deployed to restore order.

Blu-Ray Review - LAURA (1944)

laura 1944 review
A detective investigates the murder of a beautiful and beloved Manhattan socialite.
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