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Blu-Ray Review - WINTER KILLS (1979)

winter kills review
The half-brother of an assassinated president uncovers a conspiracy 19 years after the killing.

Blu-Ray Review - CLOAK AND DAGGER (1946)

cloak and dagger review
An American physicist reluctantly becomes an undercover agent deep behind enemy lines in WWII Italy.

Blu-Ray Review - THE FAR COUNTRY (1954)

the far country review
A narcissistic gunslinger's attempts to settle down are thwarted by a crooked judge on the Canadian border.

Mike's Strange Cinema Cavalcade - BYLETH: THE DEMON OF INCEST

Byleth The Demon of Incest review
A Duke with an incestuous obsession with his sister is suspect of being behind a series of prostitute murders.

Mike's Strange Cinema Cavalcade - NIGHTMARE BEACH

nightmare beach review
An executed biker appears to be committing a series of murders from beyond the grave.

Blu-Ray Review - TOYS ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN (1972)

Toys Are Not For Children review
In an attempt to track down her absent father, a young woman turns to prostitution.

Blu-Ray Review - AND SOON THE DARKNESS (1970)

And Soon the Darkness review
A young British tourist attempts to solve the mystery of her friend's disappearance in a small French village.
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