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When Animals Attack: PRIMAL and the Best ‘Man vs Beast’ Movies

primal movie
With Nicolas Cage set to battle a shipload of angry animals in Primal, we look at some of the best man (and woman) vs nature movies.

NIGHT HUNTER & Multiple Personality Murderers In Film

night hunter
Ahead of the UK release of Night Hunter, we look at some other thrillers featuring multiple personalities.

Wild Wild West: THE KID & The Best Of Real-Life Gunslingers On Screen

the kid movie
Ahead of the release of The Kid, a look at some of the most memorable cinematic portrayals of real-life gunslingers.

SLIDING DOORS & The Best London Love Stories From The Nineties & Noughties

sliding doors
As Sliding Doors celebrates its 21st anniversary with a new collector's edition release, we look back at the London set romantic dramas of the turn of the century.

7 Career Highlights Of Lily Collins

lily collins tolkien
As Tolkien hits cinemas, we look back at the standout moments of Lily Collins' career.

Restoring The Films Of José Larraz

Arrow Video have restored three works from Spanish auteur José Larraz.

The Enduring Horror Of Hideo Nakata's RINGU

ringu film review
With a new 4K restoration of Ringu hitting UK cinemas and blu-ray in March, we look back at Hideo Nakata's seminal thriller.

Not All Action Heroes Wear Capes - FINAL SCORE & Its '90s Action Influences

final score movie
With old school actioner Final Score hitting DVD this Boxing Day, we look at the '90s action movies it evokes.

From The Wire to Wakanda: The Remarkable Rise Of Michael B. Jordan

With Michael B. Jordan in cinemas this month in Kin and Creed II, we look at the steady rise of the star.