Field Guide To The Romero Zombie Universe

dawn of the dead
With a reimagining of Day of the Dead hitting DVD this month, we take a look at the world of George A. Romero's zombies.

'Mind the Gap!' DEATH LINE And The Best Of London-Set Horror

death line
As cult classic Death Line makes its UK blu-ray debut, we look at some of the best horror movies set in the English capital.

THE LAST WITNESS & Polish Directors On WWII

the last witness
With Piotr Szkopiak's The Last Witness arriving on DVD, we look at how Polish filmmakers have documented WWII.

DOGGED & The Very Best Of Folk Horror

dogged movie
As folk horror Dogged hits DVD, we take a look at the classics of the genre.

JOURNEY'S END & The Great War’s Greatest Films

journey's end
As Journey's End arrives on DVD, we look back at some of the key WWI movies.

Back To Black: THE GRIFTERS & Six Of The Best Neo-Noirs

the grifters
With Stephen Frears' thriller coming to blu-ray from 101 Films, we look at some highlights of the neo-noir genre.


As The Sound of Music returns to UK cinemas, we look at how Robert Wise subtly shaped a classic.

Billy’s Back! JIGSAW & The Creepiest Dolls In Film

jigsaw billy
With Jigsaw coming to DVD/VOD later this month, we look at some of cinema's creepiest dolls.

Dance, Movement, Freedom & Intimacy In The Films Of Yorgos Lanthimos

the lobster
An analysis of how director Yorgos Lanthimos has used dance, gesture, and bodily movement throughout his career.

A Brief History Of Toho's Godzilla Franchise

As Shin Godzilla hits UK cinemas, we look at the screen history of the iconic Japanese movie monster.
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