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The Return of British Horror Heavyweights Neil Marshall and Christopher Smith

the reckoning
With new films from Marshall and Smith arriving in the coming weeks, we look back at the careers of the British genre filmmakers.

THE DOORMAN Director Ryuhei Kitamura’s Wildest Movie Moments

the doorman
With The Doorman arriving on UK Home Entertainment, we look back at some of director Ryuhei Kitamura's craziest action.

Full Throttle: THE RACER and the Most Thrilling Races in Film

the racer
With The Racer hitting cinemas and Digital, we look at some other exciting screen races.

Capturing Hepburn: The Cinematography of AUDREY: MORE THAN AN ICON

Audrey: More Than An Icon
Director of Photography Simona Susnea on her approach to capturing the new Audrey Hepburn doc's ballet sequences.

Dear Hollywood, Ireland Is Not a Theme Park

Wild Mountain Thyme
The Wild Mountain Thyme trailer shows that Hollywood is happy to persist with Irish stereotypes.

SNOWPIERCER and the Best Class-Conscious Dystopian Sci-FI Cinema

With Snowpiercer finally available on UK disc, we're looking at some of the best examples of dystopian sci-fi.