LONDON HAS FALLEN: Bromance At The Movies

Let’s face it; it’s a fairly daunting task to save the world all by yourself. Not to mention, doesn’t having a partner by your side make fighting crime and evil so much more fun? We think so.

Hollywood Patriarchs And Their Sons: The Sutherlands And More...

Forsaken, the brooding western starring real life father and son Donald and Kiefer Sutherland, has got us thinking about other Hollywood father/ son talents.

The Top 10 Doctor Who Movies That Don't Feature The Doctor

A look at some of the best spinoffs from the long-running BBC sci-fi sensation.

9 Key Bruce Willis Roles

Yippee-kiy-ay! We take a look at the career of Bruce Willis.

Get To Know SUICIDE SQUAD & Their Antihero Abilities

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated films of 2016, but how much do you know about the infamous band of misfits?

6 Great Recent British TV Mini-Mysteries

UK TV has given us some great mystery mini-series recently. We look at six of the best.

Cinema's Top 10 Stunt Men & Women

Taking a look at the stunt men and women who make Hollywood's action sequences happen.

Who Should Be The Next James Bond?

It appears Daniel Craig is done playing 007, so who should replace him?

New Movies In Color Palettes Showcase The Incredible Animation Of Studio Ghibli

Get an insight into Studio Ghibli's use of colour with these specially designed palettes.

10 Best Moments From TV's SUITS

With Suits Season 5 arriving on DVD and Blu-ray June 6th, we take a look back the show's highlights.

10 Great British Crime Movies You May Not Have Seen

We all know about Get Carter, Snatch and Kidulthood as classic commonwealth crime capers, but what if you’ve seen all the popular titles and have an appetite for more?

Cannes 2016 - Week 2 Report: Part 2

Our man on the croisette reports from the final three days of this year's festival.

3 Interesting Potential Blockbusters On The Horizon

Frankly speaking 2016 has already been an interesting year for movies – but there are still a few interesting releases on the cards.

10 Of The Best Horror Movie Twists

In anticipation of the release of Visions, said to contain a humdinger of a twist, we look at some of the best twists the horror genre has caught us out with.

10 Filmmakers We Want To Direct The New HALLOWEEN

With a new Halloween movie now definitely in the works, we look at 10 filmmakers we consider ideal for the job of directing it.

Cannes 2016 - Week 2 Report: Part 1

Our man in Cannes had a such a busy second week at the fest, he's split his report in two. Here's the first part.

Cannes 2016 - Who Won? Who Should Have Won?

Our man in Cannes reports from Sunday night's awards ceremony and gives his verdict on the winners.
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