TMW's 2015 Movie Preview - Part 1: Spy Movies

The genre that seems to be dominating the 2015 release schedule is, rather inexplicably, the spy movie.

Exclusive - Director Chuck Parello on his favourite horror movie, Halloween

Director Chuck Parello (Henry 2: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Hillside Strangler, Ed Gein) dropped us a line to tell us about his favourite horror movie - John Carpenter's 1978 masterpiece, Halloween.

Five family films for Halloween

Everyone knows that Halloween is the best time of the year.

Exclusive - Actor Andrew Sensenig on his favourite horror movie, When a Stranger Calls

With Halloween around the corner, Upstream Color star Andrew Sensenig dropped us a line about his favourite horror movie, 1979's When a Stranger Calls.

Exclusive - Director Katt Shea on her favourite horror movie, Psycho

Director Katt Shea (Stripped To Kill, Poison Ivy, The Rage: Carrie 2) on Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

How Marvel can make us all happy

You can't please all of the people all of the time; or can you?

TV Waffle - Television's Best Female Roles

Does TV provide better roles for women than movies?

Sub Standard: 10 occasions when subtitles should be avoided

If you don't want to be labelled a cinema philistine you should always opt for the subtitled option, right? Right?

Is this the poshest movie tie-in ever?

Grace of Monaco gets a Happy Meal.

A Brief History of the Godzilla Franchise

A look at the screen history of the iconic Japanese movie monster.

TMW's Summer 2014 movie preview

We take a look at the array of movies coming our way this summer. 

Social Media Propels Veronica Mars Film Project

You’re likely to be familiar, if only in passing, with the new Veronica Mars film.

Against the Grain: 10 Reviews We Got Wrong (Or Right?) in 2013

Here at Waffler Towers we're often baffled by the praise heaped on movies we feel are undeserving. Other times we champion a movie only to see it trashed in the mainstream. Using Rotten Tomatoes as a reference point, here are 10 examples from 2013 where our evaluations differed wildly from the general consensus. Were we completely wrong or just not drinking the right Kool-Aid?

What Makes a Christmas Movie?

Christmas. For some it’s a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus. For others, it’s about spending quality time with the family (or pretending to enjoy the company of your in-laws). But if you’re a movie lover, the holiday season is all about bingeing out on your favourite festive flicks while flopped on the couch like a pregnant hippo, preferably with a glass of mulled wine in one hand and a box of extremely fattening chocolates within reach of the other.

Five Simple Tips For Promoting Your Low Budget Movie!

Here at TMW we love to promote indie films by reviewing them on equal terms alongside Hollywood's latest blockbusters. In our dealings with first time film-makers, however, we often notice a few mistakes when it comes to promoting their product. Here are five tips to help get your film noticed.

Film-makers Vs Critics: A Cultural Cold War

Can't they just get along?

TV Waffle - Doctor Who: The First Four Doctors

With the BBC celebrating 50 years of 'Doctor Who', Nick Sauer takes a look back at the first four incarnations of the Doctor.

Happy Birthday Vivien Leigh!

November sees the 100th anniversary of the birth of a legendary actress and Hollywood icon.

TV Waffle - A Short History of Horror TV

Horror as the basis for a television series is a comparatively recent phenomenon. Historically, there have been a number of attempts at this and they seem to fall into three relatively distinct stages based on my observation. However, it seems to be only relatively recently that really effective horror based television series have become available in the media.

Real Horror vs Reel Horror

A look at how horror movies reflect the social concerns of the time.