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Interview - THE MARTIN DECKER SHOW Host Martin Decker

Interview - THE MARTIN DECKER SHOW Host Martin Decker
We chatted with the eponymous host of The Martin Decker Show.

Interview by Benjamin Poole


Hi Martin! Congratulations on the cinema release of The Martin Decker Show. I was hoping you could introduce our readers to yourself and the film: what's the concept?

Hello. My name is Martin Decker, and I am an ex IT worker for a firm I cannot mention for legal reasons, bearded dragon owner and father to two little rascals, Charlie and Rose. I was born in  Cardiff back in 197…you don't need to know that. I went to school here, Cardiff, the teachers in the infants didn't really get me. I remember in form 3 being accused of crayon theft, when everyone knew it was Gareth John Williams with the unibrow who'd swallowed one and left the others behind the radiator to melt…probably too much detail…anyway the film, yes.

Basically, I've become a YouTube sensation and the film charts my stratospheric rise to fame (1.8k subscribers) as well as dealing with some family stuff. It's mostly set in the family bathroom. Me and my wife Naomi are going through a rough patch at the moment and the film opens a bathroom window onto that if you will. It's a documentary about my life really, although not like one you might see on Netflix. There's no murders in it.

Write, film, present, edit, produce, stunts: you do everything. As far as I am concerned, it places you in an auteur tradition. Were there any particular filmmakers or content creators who served as inspiration for The Martin Decker Show?

Well, you know I take inspiration from the greats. Truffaut, Antonioni, Eisenstein with his mise en scene and of course, the bloke who did Human Traffic. Spielberg was also an inspiration especially for the kinetic action in the film; I tried to get the glowy light thing to happen but it's hard to do that on an Iphone or a Go pro. Also there are animated sequences in the film, so I used Studio Ghibli as a reference point and Aardman, and of course seminal '70s cartoon Rhubarb and Custard.

You make it look so easy, but I would imagine that producing a multi-faceted show like The Martin Decker Show comes with its own set of challenges! What difficulties did you face when making the initial shorts and/or the movie?

A lot of the trouble I had was getting people to collaborate with me, or even if they did they wanted something in return, like Elin my stalker. Other people just wanted to be involved to belittle me or try to get back money I owed them. Luckily once the kids and the wife moved out of the house I has the whole house, garden and particularly bathroom at my disposal. All those empty rooms. I used to wander around them for hours. On my own. Staring at the walls. The silence. Just memories echoing amidst the desolation. Good job I had my bearded dragon Spikey to keep me company…until he started hiding from me. Oh, and there were a couple of moments with the police.

As we see during certain points in the film, haters are going to hate. What has been the general reaction from Joe Public regarding The Martin Decker Show? How do you manage being recognised in the street and how do you deal with over-eager fans?

Well, yes, fame has its downsides. The other day, this lady said to me on the bus, the 2C I think it was, she said you look just like that Martin Decker, but not quite as fat. Then of course there are the stalkers, well stalker, Elin, but hopefully that restraining order is in place so…I still see her going through my bins though and she keeps leaving dead animals on my doorstep. Still, it's better than nothing and if you want to play in the sandpit you got to watch out for hidden turds.

What I found quite inspirational about The Martin Decker Show was the way in which it demonstrates that no matter what station someone is at in life or however old a person is, it is never too late to dream and to make that dream a reality. What would you say to the people who claim you are "too old" to be an influencer?

You're never too old to influence people. Look at Santa, he's still influencing loads of kids around Christmas time and he's probably 200 or so. I may not understand what some of these younger poodepie Kardashian people are going on about at times, but we are all put on this planet to communicate with each other. It's like that show isn't it? Catchphrase. No, I mean, that posh one, Only Connect.

During The Martin Decker Show you are very candid and emotionally transparent (about your family, for example). We all know what Garde-Hansen and Gorton (2013) had to say about the nature of sharing of personal experience on social media (that networked activities in social media create what they call "emotional noise" where emotions are presented as universally felt experiences, with, furthermore, the spreadability of social media offering new opportunities for emotions to spread "horizontally" - across e-mails, blogs, social networks and online video sites - and "vertically" -through journalism, television programmes, print media and radio). It seems that with an online video site and a television programme of sorts, you control both the horizontal and the vertical! With that in mind is there anything you wouldn't share via content? Where does Decker draw the line? 

I didn't understand most of that question, but as for where I draw a line, I won't do full frontal. Bums are fine but not front bits.

You've conquered YouTube, made friends with Hollywood A-Listers and, with The Martin Decker Show, commandeered the independent cinemas of Wales. What is next for the man Martin Decker?

Well, I need a new car, so I'll be looking into that. See if I can get a loan for it first. Also, now that I've conquered the documentary format, I'm thinking of branching out into other genres of film making. I've got loads of ideas. Got an action film planned about a 16th century Italian Monk who does espionage and Parkour, called Spy Da Monk, hopefully going to film that around Castell Coch, just the woods outside though because they wouldn't let me inside. Got a sci-fi idea too. It's about a robot called Martin who becomes sentient and tries to get access to his kids whilst foiling an evil IT corporation who fired him. It's got a working title of Revenge in the Diff. And then there's a horror idea called Please Call Me Back, about a man who calls from the other side, but his wife won't pick up the phone.

Do you have any funny anecdotes regarding making The Martin Decker Show?


Last question! If you were to programme The Martin Decker Show with two other films (perhaps as part of a Deckfest), what would they be and why?

Ah, fabulous. Although very hard. I guess the films that would best compliment my film, the ones that share the same DNA, the pieces of bread to a Decker sandwich would probably be Citizen Kane and Gremlins 2: the New Batch.

Cheers Martin! See you in Pontardawe!

What's happening in Pontardawe? I paid that speeding fine.

Martin is such a silly goose! I was not referring to a driving penalty but to his tour, which takes place next month and will stop at the following venues:

September 7th- Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli

September 14th- Block Cinema, Manchester

September 20th- Pontardawe Arts Centre

September 21st- The Riverfront, Newport

September 23rd- Ucheldre Centre, Anglesey