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10 Movies You Must See in June

10 Movies You Must See in June
Our pick of the new releases coming to UK/ROI screens this June.


Reality - June 2nd, cinemas
Reality sees director Tina Satter adapt her stage play 'Is This a Room' for the screen. The film stars Sydney Sweeney as Reality Winner, an NSA translator who found herself subjected to an interrogation by two FBI agents (Josh Hamilton, Marchánt Davis) in June, 2017 after leaking sensitive government documents to the media. Rather than creating dialogue, Satter uses the actual transcript of the real life interrogation.

Brooklyn 45

Brooklyn 45 - June 9th, Shudder
Written and directed by Ted Geoghegan, Brooklyn 45 is set in December 1945 when a group of military veterans gather at a troubled friend's Brooklyn home. To their surprise, he's arranged for a seance, which leads to a battle for survival against resurrected spirits. The movie successfully combines classic Hollywood social drama with supernatural shocks.

You Can Live Forever

You Can Live Forever - June 16th, cinemas/VOD
One of the best movies we saw at last year's Tribeca Film Festival finally makes its way to UK/ROI screens. Directors Mark Slutsky and Sarah Watts' 1990s set Canadian drama stars Anwen O'Driscoll as a teenager sent to live with her Jehovah's Witness relations in the wake of her father's death. There she falls for a member of her family's congregation (June Laporte).


Inland - June 16th, cinemas
After a series of hammy performances in American movies, Mark Rylance reminds us how good he can actually be in this understated British indie. Fridtjof Ryder's directorial debut stars Rory Alexander as a young man released from a psychiatric institute. As he reconnects with his father (Rylance), he finds himself drawn to a nearby forest where his mother disappeared.

Stars at Noon

Stars at Noon - June 19th, VOD
French auteur Claire Denis adapts Dennis Johnson's 1986 novel, reworking it for the COVID era. Margaret Qualley plays a journalist who finds herself stuck in Nicaragua during the lockdown. Targeted by the government for her unflattering articles, she takes desperate measures to find a way out of the country, falling in love with a mysterious British man (Joe Alwyn) along the way.


Surrounded - June 20th, VOD
Western Surrounded stars Letitia Wright as Moses "Mo" Washington, a former Buffalo soldier who heads west in 1870 to lay claim to a gold mine. Disguised as a man, Mo finds herself reluctantly partnered with an outlaw (Jamie Bell) as the two try to survive in dangerous terrain.

Asteroid City

Asteroid City - June 23rd, cinemas
Wes Anderson's latest is set in a fictional American desert town in 1955, where a convention of stargazers is interrupted by world-changing events. Once again Anderson has assembled an all-star cast including Jason Schwartzman, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Jeffrey Wright and Tilda Swinton.

Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run - June 28th, Netflix
Directed by Daina Reid, Australian chiller Run Rabbit Run stars Sarah Snook as a fertility doctor whose skepticism regarding the supernatural is called into question when her young daughter begins to exhibit inexplicable behaviour.

La Syndicaliste

La Syndicaliste - June 30th, cinemas
La Syndicaliste stars Isabelle Huppert as Maureen Kearney, a trade unionist who found herself at the centre of a scandal when she exposed secret deals conducted by France's nuclear power industry. The political thriller sees Huppert reteam with her Mama Weed director Jean-Paul Salomé.

Small, Slow But Steady

Small, Slow But Steady - June 30th, cinemas/Curzon Home Cinema
Directed by Shô Miyake, Japanese boxing drama Small, Slow But Steady stars Yukino Kishii as Keiko Ogasawara, who became the world's first hearing-impaired professional woman boxer. The film sees Keiko prepare for her third fight after surprising the boxing world by winning her first two bouts. But with her gym on the brink of closing and her boxing club's inspirational chairman in poor health, her preparations are from ideal.