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Teaser Released for Roy Scheider’s Final Film BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES

beautiful blue eyes
Scheider's final film comes to UK cinemas in June.

Writer/director Joshua Newton's Beautiful Blue Eyes features the final screen appearance of the great Roy Scheider. The actor passed away in 2008 while the movie was being shot, but thanks to advances in CG technology, Newton has finally been able to complete the film.

The film sees Scheider play a retired American cop who becomes convinced that his son's elderly neighbour (Helmut Berger) is the SS commander who murdered his family during World War II.

Scott Cohen, Sarah Bolger and Alexander Newton also star.

Beautiful Blue Eyes is in UK cinemas from June 10th.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

Beautiful Blue Eyes is set in Germany with flashbacks to Nazi-occupied Poland and is the story of Joseph (Scheider), a retired NYPD cop who visits his estranged son Ronnie (Scott Cohen) in Nuremberg and insists that his neighbour is the SS Commander (Helmut Berger), who slaughtered his entire family in a Polish forest in 1941. In flashbacks, young Joseph (Alexander Newton), who has a romance with a beautiful young woman (Sarah Bolger),  escapes the Nazis and joins Resistance fighters in the Polish forests. As older Joseph enlists the help of his son Ronnie to kidnap Schrager, we're confronted by moral issues of justice versus vengeance, the meaning of the title "Beautiful Blue Eyes", and a gripping and unforgettable twist-laden climax.

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