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New Trailer and Poster for Survival Thriller THE LEDGE

the ledge
The survival thriller comes to UK VOD/DVD in March.

Directed by Howard J Ford, The Ledge stars Brittany Ashworth as a mountaineer forced to rely on her free-climbing skills to survive when she is hunted by the group of men who killed her friend.

Ben Lamb and Nathan Welsh also star.

The Ledge is on UK/ROI VOD from March 14th and on DVD from March 21st.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

Having retired to bed early to prepare for a dawn mountain ascent, Kelly (Brittany Ashworth) is woken by the screams of her friend Sophie, who had stayed up with a group of men they had met earlier. Desperate to get to her friend, Kelly runs deep into the forest using her GoPro to guide the way. She arrives just in time to see Sophie's lifeless body being thrown over a ledge, a horror she captures on camera. Terrified, Kelly finds herself in a free-climbing chase up a freezing mountain, pursued by the group of murderous men after the evidence. If she’s to escape this deadly game of cat and mouse she must dig deep, do all she can to survive, and climb.

the ledge poster