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New Trailer and Artwork for Horror Anthology BAD CANDY

bad candy
The Halloween anthology comes to UK DVD/digital in October.

Directed by Scott B. Hansen and Desiree Connell, Bad Candy is a Halloween set horror anthology that spins six tales of terror, relayed by a pair of small town radio shock jocks.

Zach Galligan, Derek Russo and Slipknot's Corey Taylor star.

Bad Candy is on UK DVD and digital from October 4th.

Check out the trailer and artwork below.

The official synopsis reads:

As the Autumn sun fades, the dark clouds of a pitch-black Halloween night begin to settle over the small American town of New Salem. The annual Fright Fest show is underway on the local radio station, on which two full-on shock-jocks begin to retell local legends of terror from yesteryear, bringing them to life before your bloodshot eyes. In this small town, it’s a grisly end for most, but will a few good souls survive to see another dawn?

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