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The Best Animated Movies About Sharks

While monster shark horror movies seem to come out every other year, there are actually few animated films about sharks.

However, there are some. Here is our pick of the best five.

Shark Bait
Sure, the 2006 South Korean-American animated movie Shark Bait heavily borrows from the likes of Shark Tale and Finding Nemo, and the film was a commercial failure, but the film is actually a lot more enjoyable than the critics have made out. The plot involves the protagonist Pi attempting to win the heart of his love Cordelia while simultaneously trying to handle a terrorizing tiger shark. Shark Bait has an impressive voice cast too, with the likes of Freddie Prinze Jr., Rob Schneider, and Evan Rachel Wood.


Help! I’m a Fish
Help! I’m a Fish is a real delight that all the family is sure to enjoy. The 2000 Danish-German-Irish movie is about three children who turn into fish after visiting a mad scientist. They soon find themselves on an incredible and rather surreal underwater adventure. Along the way, they meet a number of ocean creatures, including a shark who becomes the dimwitted subordinate of one of the protagonists. It is not long before the group encounters a fish who is planning to take over the world’s oceans. One thing that makes Help! I’m a Fish so great is its stellar cast, which includes two greats that are sadly no longer with us: the amazing Alan Rickman and Monty Python’s Terry Jones. The movie also has a fantastic title track by Danish teen-pop group Little Trees. If you enjoy watching this movie, you are sure to also enjoy playing the razor shark online slot game, which features plenty of underwater creatures and treasures.


Pinkfong & Baby Shark’s Space Adventure
Pinkfong is a cartoon alien fox with pink fur and magic powers. Along with his friend Brooklyn the Baby Shark, Pinkfong has appeared in numerous Korean animated television shows. In fact, Brooklyn the shark is now just as popular as Pinkfong. Most notably, the shark featured in the viral song Baby Shark, which clocked up more than one billion views on YouTube. South Korea’s Pinkfong and Baby Shark became much more well known internationally after Baby Shark’s Big Show! launched on Nickelodeon in 2020. All of which brings us to Pinkfong & Baby Shark's Space Adventure, the twosome’s first animated movie in which the fox and shark are joined by friends from other planets and begin exploring outer space to find pieces of a missing star.


Finding Dory
It is not often that a sequel is just as good as the original, but that is certainly the case for 2016’s Finding Dory. The plot involves the fish Dory, who has lost her memory, attempting to find her parents. The Pixar movie features many memorable old and new characters. One of the major characters in Finding Dory is the whale shark Destiny, who escapes the Marine Life Institute to travel with Dory on her quest.


Shark Tale
Undoubtedly, the greatest animated movie about a shark is 2004’s Shark Tale. The DreamWorks film was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, although it, incredibly, lost out on winning to Pixar’s The Incredibles. The plot of Shark Tale sees a fish called Oscar, played by Will Smith, claiming to have killed the son of a shark mob boss called Don Lino, played by Robert De Niro. Yep, this is basically a gangster movie with sharks. But what’s not to like about that? In addition to Smith and De Niro, Shark Tale features a superb cast, including Renée Zellweger, Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, and even Martin Scorsese, who plays Sykes the pufferfish loan shark.