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New Trailer and Poster for Hungarian Drama TREASURE CITY

treasure city
Director Szabolcs Hajdu's ensemble drama comes to UK cinemas and VOD in June.

In recent years Hungary has become one of the most exciting countries in Europe when it comes to movies, with the likes of Son of Saul, On Body and Soul, White God and Sunset winning acclaim around the world.

The trend looks set to continue with director Szabolcs Hajdu's ensemble drama Treasure City. Set across one night in Budapest, the film follows 22 characters as their storylines intersect.

Treasure City is in UK cinemas, virtual cinemas and VOD from June 18th.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

A subtle mix of nocturnal urban tales exploring the darker side of human relations, the film drops the viewer into a web of family, sexual, political and romantic relationships where nothing’s quite what it seems. A disagreement in a florists’ spirals badly out of control; a family dinner deteriorates into acrimony; an anti-facist demo raises tensions; a visit to an empty bar leads to an unexpected encounter - one event connects to another, people appear in one situation and reappear in another, and by the end, the lives of 22 people intersect in unpredictable ways, during 90-minutes in one magical night in the city they share.

treasure city poster