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Popular Casino Games Inspired by The Movies

World gambling statistics show that over a quarter of the population now gambles, and one sector that has benefitted greatly from this betting boom has been that of online casino gaming – or iGaming as it is often referred to as. With the iGaming market being such a condensed one, however, casino companies are looking at new tie-ins to attract players to their sites. One such connection that has been attempted is that of movie tie-ins to already popular casino games. But what are these casino game inspirations? And how successful have they proven up to now?


Roulette has proven hugely successful since its 18th inception. The concept of the game is a relatively simple one, select a number – or numbers – and see if the roulette ball lands on your number. Yet, there are also many additional bets that can be placed in the game – such as even or odd, red or black, or dozen betting. To attract players to their sites, online roulette providers have recently looked to movies as a source of inspiration.

The live roulette titles available at Paddy Power Games, for example, feature tuxedo-wearing dealers that bear a striking resemblance to 007 himself – James Bond. In the 1971 release Diamonds are Forever, James Bond – portrayed by Sean Connery – is seen playing several casino games, including roulette. Roulette even has a betting strategy, the James Bond strategy, named after the British Secret Service Agent. The James Bond strategy is a combination bet that, on a European Wheel, sees all numbers on the table covered besides 1-12. The James Bond strategy can also be tried at Paddy Power Games, which features a range of roulette games to suit both new and experienced players.


Online slots remain by far the most popular form of online casino gaming done worldwide. The popularity of the slots has undoubtedly been aided by their tie-ins to sectors such as television, gaming, sport, and more recently, movies. Smash hit action movies like Terminator Genisys, The Matrix, and Jumanji have all been transferred onto a slot format. The appeal of these games to gamblers is that they provide a sense of relatability when playing, with many of the characters from the movies featuring in gameplay.

Whilst action is a category that has proven popular with casino game developers, new movie genres are increasingly being looked at. Comedy movie The Naked Gun has recently had a slot created based on its hugely popular series of films, whilst musicals are also being seen as an avenue for developers to explore, with Grease one such movie from the genre to recently prove an inspiration for an online slot.

Whilst action movie links to casino gaming remain prevalent thanks to the James Bond roulette relationship, and the various action movie slots, new movie genres are beginning to be explored. Should developers find The Naked Gun or Grease slots proving popular amongst gamblers, expect other casino games to use these types of movies as an inspiration for future projects. In conclusion, as long as the movie and casino gaming tie-in remain mutually beneficial for both parties, it is something that can be expected to be used increasingly in the coming years.