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First Trailer and Poster for Spanish Set Drama GRANADA NIGHTS

granada nights
Abid Khan's drama comes to UK cinemas in May.

Inspired by his own experiences, writer/director Abid Khan's Granada Nights stars Antonio Aakeel as a young Brit who finds himself alone in the Spanish city of Granada following a painful breakup. With the help of fellow travellers he attempts to movie on and embrace the delights of Andalusia.

Speaking about his film, Khan says "One late summer in 2006, I landed in a hostel in Granada, Spain to study Spanish for a month. As I walked through the historic Andalusian streets that held a thousand stories, I was in awe by the magical city and the mixture of rich cultures. But it was the friendships with other young backpackers and international students that kept me there for a year. In this transient city they gave me sense a belonging that I never had and since then, I have been obsessed with capturing this experience, the spirit of fraternity and the fleetness of youth."

Granada Nights is in UK cinemas from May 28th.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

A British-Pakistani tourist is stuck in Granada, Spain with a broken heart. Feeling lost and abandoned, he befriends a group of young foreigners and crashes into the heart of the international student scene. He pushes himself out of his comfort-zone and tries to restart his life but behind every corner is a reminder of his ex-girlfriend and his struggle to find closure.

granada nights poster