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First Poster and Images for Bloody Action Thriller THE HANDLER

the handler
First look at Michael Matteo Rossi's upcoming action flick.

Writer/director Michael Matteo Rossi (Misogynist, Chase) has sent us the poster and a first batch of images from his upcoming action thriller The Handler.

The film stars Chris Levine as Ryker, a former marine who finds himself struggling to leave his job working for a dangerous mobster.

Tyrone Magnus, Rachel Alig, Cathy Baron, Matt Erdems and Michael Pashan also star.

Speaking about his new film, Rossi says "The Handler is by far my most action packed film; it is my throwback to '80s and '90s action films."

The Handler is set for the 2021 festival circuit with a release planned for the second half of the year.

Check out the poster and first look images below.

The official synopsis reads:

Ryker Dune is a former marine who returns from combat and struggles to find a secure job until he comes in contact with underground crime boss Vinnie Fiore who has him do odd jobs and dangerous gigs for cash. When Ryker realizes there is no 'out' to this business and things are going to get worse, he tries to pull the plug but Vinnie takes things to a dangerous level to get revenge on Ryker for trying to leave and chaos ensues.

the handler poster