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New 4k Restoration of THE NIGHT PORTER Comes to Blu-Ray and Digital [Trailer]

the night porter
Liliana Cavani’s provocative drama comes to blu-ray and digital this month in a new restoration.

In his 1974 review, Roger Ebert described director Liliana Cavani’s The Night Porter as "a despicable attempt to titillate us by exploiting memories of persecution and suffering." It was typical of the critical response at the time, but in the decades since, Cavani's film has grown to be considered a classic of the women filmmakers' canon.

The controversial film stars Charlotte Rampling as a WWII concentration camp survivor who reembarks on a sado-masochistic relationship with the former SS Officer (Dirk Bogarde) who abused her during the war.

The Night Porter has been restored in 4K and will be released on UK blu-ray and digital by CultFilms on November 30th. Extras include new interviews with Cavani and Rampling.

Check out CultFilms' new trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

Former SS Officer Max (Dirk Bogarde) is a night porter in a Vienna hotel in the 1950s, and the member of a group of covert Nazis who are ruthlessly covering up the atrocities they committed. When beautiful Lucia (Charlotte Rampling) checks in with her husband, she recognises the night porter from her traumatic past: Max was an officer in the concentration camp who had abused and tortured her, when she was his teenage prisoner. Soon Lucia's husband leaves the hotel for work and Lucia stays behind, finding herself compelled to re-ignite the sadomasochistic relationship she had with her vicious captor.

the night porter