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Watch an Exclusive Clip From Xmas Spoof CUP OF CHEER

cup of cheer
We've got an exclusive clip from the seasonal satire.

In the tradition of Airplane and Scary Movie, director Jake Horowitz's Cup of Cheer spoofs the Xmas movie genre, particularly those which premiere on the Hallmark network every year. The film stars Steve Kasan, Shawn Vincent, Adam Jenner, Liam Marshall, Storm Steenson and Alexander Oliver.

Cup of Cheer is on US Digital from November 6th.

Check out an exclusive clip and the trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

Cup of Cheer follows Mary, a big city journalist who heads off to her charming hometown of Snowy Heights to write an article about the town's world famous Christmas cheer. But upon (literally) running into the grumpy but endearing Chris, the owner of Cup of Cheer, Mary learns that his charming hot cocoa shop is going to be shut down on Christmas Eve. And it's her ex boyfriend that's shutting it down. Using her big city smarts and her Christmas cheer, Mary unites the town in an effort to save Cup of Cheer, and to save Christmas.