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New Trailer, Clip and Poster for Aussie Horror THE FACELESS MAN

the faceless man
Take a sneak peek at the upcoming Ozploitation shocker.

Winner of Best Director and Best Film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, director James Di Martino's The Faceless Man saw no less than Brian Trenchard-Smith, director of such Aussie classics as Dead-End Drive-In and Turkey Shoot, label Di Martino "The new face of Ozploitation."

The film stars Sophie Thurling as a cancer survivor who joins five friends for a weekend getaway in rural Australia. If you're remotely familiar with Ozploitation, you know that's not a good idea. Along with unfriendly redneck locals, the group must contend with a supernatural entity known as "The Faceless Man." Andy McPhee, Roger Ward and Lucas Pittaway also star.

The Faceless Man is on US Digital from August 28th. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer, poster, official synopsis and a clip below.

The official synopsis reads:

Emily is a recovering cancer survivor of three years. Faced with her fear of getting sick again, her best friend Nina plans a weekend away. Six friends venture out to a country holiday house to party over a weekend. Cut off from the rest of the world they soon learn the inhabitants are unsettling red neck individuals who terrorize and humiliate travelers. At the same time a para-normal monster seen as the faceless man haunts the house pushing the friends to their limits.

the faceless man poster