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New Trailer and Artwork for Survival Horror THE DARE

the dare
The twisted thriller comes to UK Digital and DVD in October.

Director Giles Alderson's The Dare stars Bart Edwards as Jay, whose night out with his family is cut short when he is abducted. Waking up, he finds himself chained up in a basement with three strangers, all held captive my a mysterious masked man. Richard Brake, Richard Short, Alexandra Evans and Robert Maaser also star.

The Dare is on UK Digital October 5th and DVD October 12th (pre-order here).

Check out the trailer and artwork below.

The official synopsis reads:

A rare family night for Jay (Bart Edwards) takes a brutal twist when he is kidnapped, waking up chained to the wall of a squalid basement with three other prisoners. When their sadistic captor emerges, his face hidden under a gruesome skin mask, Jay soon realises their time is quickly running out. Jay must engage in a twisted battle of survival to solve the puzzle of his imprisonment, unmask their tormentor and save the lives of his family.

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