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New Trailer and Poster Introduce Us to CLOWNFACE

New trailer introduces the latest slasher villain.

Director Alex Bourne will be hoping to raise smiles among horror fans with Clownface. The titular villain, clad in a clown mask made from human skin, wreaks violent havoc in a small town in Bourne's slasher. This one stars Thomas Loone,  Philip Bailey and Hannah Dougles.

Clownface is on US DVD/Digital from August 18th. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

clownface poster

The official synopsis reads:

A deranged young man, donned in a clown mask made of human flesh, terrorizes a small town with a series of abductions and murders. Neighbors Jenna and Owen search for their missing friend Zoe, who may be the latest victim of this local urban legend known as Clownface.