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UK Trailer and Poster Unveiled for FrightFest Slasher BLIND

blind movie
Marcel Walz's slasher is set to premiere at FrightFest.

Thanks to COVID-19, this year's FrightFest is an online only affair. One of the movies premiering is director Marcel Walz's slasher Blind, which introduces us to a potentially iconic new horror villain in 'Pretty Boy', who looks creepily like a living Ken doll.

The film stars Sarah French as a former actress living a reclusive life in the Hollywood Hills after being blinded by a botched laser eye surgery procedure. When Pretty Boy (Jed Rowen) shows up at her home she must fight for her survival. Caroline Williams and Tyler Gallant also star.

Blind premieres at FrightFest on August 29th, followed by a UK Digital release on November 16th.

Check out the UK trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

blind movie poster

The official synopsis reads:

After losing her vision in a freak accident, former actress Faye is living alone in her dream home. Struggling to come to terms with her lost career and new life without sight, she soon gets the uneasy feeling that all is not right with her new world. When a masked stranger shows up and moves in; Faye soon begins to realise she is far from alone.